Are you ready for a giveaway? If you said yes, I have a great one for you to enter. The beautiful folks over at Perlier have put together a fabulous Summer Prize pack filled with awesome goodies to get your skin pampered and looking glam for the summer months. I love Perlier products and if you have not checked out my review for them, you can view it here.

What You Get

One lucky winner will receive a Summer Prize Pack with the following products in it. (All items are from the Perlier Italian Sorbetto line)

  • Italian Sorbetto Bellini Leg & Foot Cream
  • Italian Sorbetto Coconut Body Water
  • Italian SorbettoLemon Crackling Ice Water
  • Italian Sorbetto Wild Berries Lip Balm
  • Italian Sorbetto Lemon Body Cream
  • Italian Sorbetto Lemon Shower Cream

This prize pack has a value of $135. Amazing right!

How To Enter

To enter For your chance to win this indulging prize pack all you have to do is follow the rules below.

This giveaway is open to all U.S. and Canada residents only and you must be 18 or older to enter. You must use the link “Rafflecopter Giveaway” below to enter the giveaway and complete each task to earn entries for a greater chance of winning. The giveaway will run from July 15 to July 22. The winner will be announced on July 23, 2016 at 2:00pm EST. Good luck to all of you that enter.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Big thank you to Perlier for sponsoring this giveaway.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is not only achieved with a good balanced eating habit and exercise, but it goes much deeper. Sometimes we have add things like supplements to our diet to power up our new lifestyle habits. Some nutrients are just not made by the body. So supplements are a ways of getting what we need for our health.
Their are so many reasons as to why individuals start a healthier lifestyle. For some it is to lose unwanted weight. Many people also use supplements to help them in weight loss too. As it can be very difficult to lose weight. For this reason, people have turned to all sorts of supplements in order to make things easier.

Beautiful Nutrition has a good selection of supplements to choose from. I was sent their Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean vitamins to try out. Since I am taking on trying to live a better lifestyle, it was right on time for me. I really wanted to see if taking the vitamins would offer any type of boost for my body. 

The Products

Green Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Green Tea is supposed to have many benefits. A few benefits from taking this supplement is support of weight loss by promoting thermogenesis and fat oxidation, provides antioxidant protection against free radicals, increases weight loss, and burns more calories than diet and exercise alone. 

Green Coffee Bean is actually just unroasted coffee beans. It contains a substance called Chlorogenic Acid, which is believed to be responsible for the weight loss effects. Some benefits of Green Tea Coffee Bean supplement is that it supports fat metabolism, weight reduction, and helps modulate healthy blood sugar metabolism. 

The Verdict 

I know you are asking , but does it really work? In my opinion, I would have to say they have been working for me. I have seen some weight loss and I also feel more energetic. But hey don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! You can find these supplements and more on the Beautiful Nutrition website. 

Have you ever tried Green Tea or Green Coffee Bean supplements?

Ban has been a brand that has been used in my household for years. I was introduced to it as a child by my mother and father, as it was their trusted brand of choice. Even though I have tried many other deodorant brands, it seems that for me nothing can compare to Ban. I love their roll-on deodorants. 

My favorite scent Powder Fresh and I like the Unscented one also. Ban’s roll-ons really keep me fresh not only during the duration of the day, but during my workouts and even on super hot days. You get 24 hours of invisible protection against odor causing sweat with these roll-ons. Now, that’s protection you just can’t beat! The formula glides on easily and contains Ban’s breakthrough technology, which specifically targets and virtually eliminates odor. No need to worry about not being fresh!

Recently, I was approached by Ban to try one of their latest products. I already love Ban and I was excited for the news of a new product line. I just thought this was an awesome creation from Ban, so I agreed to give it a whirl. Ban has come out with Total Refresh Cooling Body Wipes. These cooling cloths are said to work by slicking away excess body sweat with just one wipe. The wipes are supposed to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky, instead of wet and sticky! Hummmm…but do they really deliver? I know Ban has never failed me when it comes to their roll-on. But I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when it came to these body wipes. Could they truly leave my body feeling refreshed after a killer workout and the gym or a hot day at the park? Could these lightly fragranced cloths cool my skin on contact?

I put these wipes to the test, I am pleased to inform you that yes in fact they do cool the skin and leave you feeling refreshed with a powder finish. Not only did they work great after a workout, they were wonderful for using them to refresh after a long trip. You can even use them before appointments or after work if you have an after work meeting or date. You can greet people in confidence with Ban’s Refreshing Cooling Body Wipes.

They are very simple to use. Just wipe the durable cloth on any part of your body ( neck, arms, underarms, chest) and enjoy the instant cooling freshness. These cloth are also safe for use on the face as well. After use, just throw the used cloth in the trash. It is best to use the cloths 45 days after opening them. 

The Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Wipes come in four different scents, Invigorate (the one I was sent), Restore, Energize, and Enliven. You can find them online and at most drugstores in your deodorant aisle. I suggest you give these cloths a try for yourself! I’m sure you’ll like them. They are sure to become a family favorite in your house, just as they are in mine.

Summertime has made it’s grand entrance and the short sleeves, sundresses, and open toe sandals are in full swing. Our skin is also on display. So I know you want it to look it’s absolute best right? I know I do! In the summer months, I like to use a light weight moisturizer on my skin. Not only do I like it to be light, I love it to have wonderful skin loving natural ingredients. 

Perlier is an amazing company that produces delightful products for the body. Their products are made with natural ingredients which I absolutely love. Perlier been Italy’s premier manufacturer of Bath and Body treatments for over 80 years with products derived from natural ingredients. Perlier has a direct, sensible, straightforward approach to serious skin care. Promising no miracles, only efficient results.

I was sent two of their body creams to test and offer my honest opinion of them. The creams that I received were their White Almond Body Balm with Almond Drops and Lemon Italian Sorbet Refreshing Body Cream. The Lemon Italian Sorbet has a light whipped consistently with a hint of lemon fragrance to it. It glides on the skin and absorbs quickly. It is also leaves the skin non greasy. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil. 

The White Almond Body Balm is also a very light weight cream. It has little red beads called Almond Drops in it too. These drops are filled with almond oil that burst on to the skin when it is applied right out of the bath or shower. The balm leaves the skin silky soft and is non greasy as well. It has a pleasant fragrance to it, kind of sweet in smell. Some ingredients in this lush balm are Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, and of course Almond Oil.

Overall, both products are great in my opinion. They both deliver at moisturizing leaving your skin very hydrated and beautiful. The smells are wonderful, although I did wish that the lemon sorbet had a bit more sweetness to it. Other than that, I was very pleased with the performance of both the balm and cream. I do recommend that you check out Perlier if you are a lover of bath and body care products like myself.

Have you tried Perlier products before?

Have you heard of the Bounce TV Network? It’s a great network that focuses on African-American television shows and movies. I have checked out the network myself and it’s awesome! I love the mix of shows that are aired on Bounce TV. The network features a programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, live sports and more. Bounce TV has grown to be available in more than 93.5 million homes across the United States. The shows are very family friendly and positive. It’s a very refreshing network! Among the founders of Bounce TV are iconic American figures Martin Luther King, III and Ambassador Andrew Young.  I had the pleasure of being in conference with the producer and cast of Bounce TV’s highly acclaimed comedy series In The Cut today. I must say it was a great experience to chat with them about season two. You can expect a real treat with some gut busting comedy from this exceptional cast.

If you are a watcher of Bounce TV, then you are familiar with show on the network, In The Cut. But if you’re not, In The Cut stars Dorien Wilson (The Parkers, Dream On), Ken Lawson  (The Parkers), John Marshall Jones (The Smart Guy), and Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show, The First Family) joining the cast this season. The series was created by Bentley Kyle Evans and is produced by Evans and partner Trenton Gumbs. The show did so well in the first season, with its mix of simple relatable realness, that it’s airing again for a second season. 

The large and in charge Jay Weaver (Dorien Wilson), an accomplished serial entrepreneur and barbershop owner, is changing the face of “fatherhood” in the second season of In The Cut. Jay’s life as a San Diego bachelor is abruptly disrupted when he meets Kenny Clark (Ken Lawson), his 31-year-old illegitimate son from a short-lived fling, who wants to get in on the family business. As these two attempt to get to know one another and build their relationship, Jay experiences a range of hilarious setbacks while trying to keep up with Kenny’s life. This season viewers won’t want to miss this father-son duo join in on a secret jailbreak, barbershop pranks and Jay’s growing attraction to Cheryl (Kellita Smith), the new co-owner of the beauty salon next store. 

Get ready for some real tv with In The Cut as it tackles the issue of establishing a connection between a father and his son plus more. You can catch the show on Bounce TV Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET/ 8:00pm CT, starting on July 5th. You don’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to join in on the conversation during the show, with the hashtag #InTheCut. Follow Bounce TV on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


I am a woman that loves a good set of under garments. When you have on nice ones, they really make a difference in how you feel and look. You even have a different walk. I know this to be true for ladies and I think it’s the same for men too. Today, I want to chat with the guys, because this product is all for you. Ladies stick around, as you will want to know about this product as well just in case you may want to pick it up for the man in your life.

Tommy John reached out to me recently asking if I’d be interested in doing a product review. I was a bit hesitant, primarily because they sell men’s underwear and I’m a woman. I knew my male readers would like to read about them. I thought to myself, could I get my boyfriend or my father to test this product. I took a look at their site and it looked to be a great product. So I asked my boyfriend if he would be interested in trying out some underwear for a merchant that I was working with. With some persuading, he agreed to my terms under the conditions that I was not going to make him try anything embarrassing. I promised him that it was nice stuff and I wouldn’t make him do anything embarrassing like posing crazy in his underwear.

Tommy John sent me one pair of their fitted boxers, one crew neck undershirt in Cool Cotton, and one pair of Ultimate Stay-Up Dress Socks in Soft for my boyfriend to try. All of fabrics had a nice silky soft feeling to them. My boyfriend has really broad shoulders and strong arms. When I asked him about the shirt, he said, “It stayed tucked and he liked how it did not bunch under his clothes. When outside, even though it was hot, I stayed cool.”  He said he really liked the socks and underwear too. He said the socks are very comfortable and stayed up all day. For the fitted boxers, he said,  “The fit of the boxers are great! They don’t hug to tight at all. Just Right!”

 All of the garments washed up nicely, retaining their soft feel and shape. The only objection he had to the products were their price.  He said, “I like quality, as anyone would. But at the same time I also like a bargain. The products are a bit pricy to me.” I will have to admit, the garments are kind of on the pricier side. But I look at it as you pay for what you get. The Second Skin Fitted Boxer retails for $34.00, Cool Cotton Crew Neck undershirt goes for $40.00 and the Ultimate Stay-Up Dress Socks are $16.00 per pair.

I love the quality that Tommy John products offer. From a woman’s standpoint, they look good on the body and feel amazing to the touch. Men, I do recommend that you get some Tommy John under garments for yourself, as I know you will like their quality and your wife or girlfriend will absolutely adore you in them. Ladies, they make great gifts for the man or men in your life. If you like to see your significant other in their underwear, you’ll love them in Tommy John! 

Now a days so many people are trying to lead healthier lifestyles. For whatever the reason may be that sparked the decision to take inventory over their life is great. I commend each person for taking the steps to a better life with their health. There are so many aspects that go into good health, it can sometimes get overwhelming. I know that is how I felt as I started my journey. I found 5 top foods that have been helping me with slimming my waistline.

I have struggled my with weight for some time and I still am, but fighting the fat has become so much easier for me now. My days of yo yoing with my weight are over. I am now giving my body the right mix of foods to help it function how it was designed to. I just have to share these fat burning foods with you all.

In the morning I like to start with a fiber-rich food such as oatmeal. Oatmeal helps to keep you full for a longer periods of time. You want to go for the old school steel cut oats. None of that pre packaged high sugar stuff. If you have to, plan to get up a little earlier to prepare your breakfast. Add in some raisins, spices, or berries (berries are packed full of fiber, get that one cup in) for nice kick. Spoon in some honey if you need more sweetness. Your tummy will thank you for hours and you can ward off those nasty food cravings for unhealthy snacks. 

For snacking, I like to grab a nice hand full of nuts. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, or mixed nuts, just have a nutty good time with them. Nuts can knock off the hunger that may hit you in between meals. They keep your tummy satisfied and felling full. Make sure you reach for the natural or unsalted ones. No honey roasted either guys, I see your side eyes. You don’t want to overload on calories right. I didn’t think you wanted to do that either. All you need is just 24 nuts a day and you’re good!

During lunch and dinner, I like to have a serving size of lean meat. I cook up ground turkey (I like boiled turkey wings too.) or some kind of fish. Tuna, salmon, and whiting are my favorites. Did you know that your body burns more calories digesting proteins than with carbs. Yes, that’s right! I also love to pair my lean meats with lots of veggies. I try to eat the rainbow when it comes to my vegetables. But I really make it a point to get my green leafy graze on. My most loved green veggies are broccoli, spinach, and mixed greens (mustard, collards, and turnip greens). These are all fiber packed, helping you to fill and stay full. Another great factor is they are low in calories. Winning!

Snacking Bonus: Say yes to yogurt! Dairy items like yogurt are an awesome snack choice because calcium helps to break down fat. Top it with some natural granola and you have a healthy delight that will keep you full while burning some of your waistline. Before you run to the yogurt section, here’s a tip. Only pick up low-fat or fat free and don’t forget to read your labels.

Those are my top 5 belly fat burning foods. Please remember that proper diet with moderation and exercise are key to living a healthy lifestyle. I wish you great or continued success with your healthy goals.

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