Every now and then I have the itch to straighten my hair. Usually it’s around a special occasion or the holidays. I own so many flat irons already but I could not pass up the chance to put the 6 Sense flat iron to the test. I was just so curious about it because I had never heard of the brand before. I wanted to see if this unknown brand could really hold its own and deliver like my other flat irons. 

When the iron came, it arrived in a very high quality box that was very unique. You all know that I am a sucker for great product packaging. 

The lip of the box is magnetic which I thought was very cool. The box is super sturdy too! 

What You Get

Inside the box you will find your 6 Sense Flat Iron, Mini Flat Iron (the company forgot to include my mini in my box. 😔), and a heat resistant case. Can you say what a great deal! Yes, you get all of that!  The iron is so pretty and offers some great features to it also. 

It heats very quickly – There are LED lights that light up in different colors when it’s heated and ready to use. It heats to temp of 445 degrees. Don’t forget the heat protection spray, you don’t want heat damage on that beautiful hair!

Automatic shut off – Love this! Great if you are a person that may forget to turn off your iron in a rush.

The protective heat resistant case is great if you are somewhere and you do not have the time to let the iron cool down. You can just throw it in the case and go! 

As for the price, it’s not bad at all. For just $115 you can get this bundle. Perfect right! The 6 Sense Flat Iron really does its job. It was superb in giving me the desired straightness that I want to achieve. I really hate that the mini iron was left out, as I really wanted to test it. So on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst, I give this flat iron 4 stars because I was not sent all of the tools/pieces for my review.

If you would like to pick up the 6 Sense Flat Iron, you can purchase it from Amazon. Have you tried the 6 Sense Flat Iron?

Would you like to have your bed tell you how well you sleep? I have been searching for a device that could turn my bed into a sleep tracker for years, because I wanted to know just how well I sleep at night. I just did not feel that I was achieving my best sleep. When I got the chance to test drive the Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker, I was excited! The Beddit is a tool that is designed to convert you ordinary bed into a smart bed utilizing a thin tape that you put directly on your mattress, under your mattress cover (if you have one) and bed sheet to track your sleep as you lay on it.

How the Beddit Works

The Beddit works using an app that is available for Apple and Android devices for free. It is very easy to setup the Beddit. Once installed, you open the app and it will find your Beddit via bluetooth. Before going to sleep, just click the button at the bottom, “start sleeping” and you’re all set. When you awake the next morning, you can then get your Beddit score. The first night of using my Beddit I got a 91. That was way better than I thought I would get. Some other great features that this unit offers is that it has a sensor to measure your heart rate, respiration, and movement. It even uses the microphone on your mobile device to detect if you are snoring. The device tracks upper and lower respiration, and measures the heart muscle by capturing readings before and after the heart beats. It can also detect if it is the you are the one who is sleeping on the sensor or if its someone beside the you.On extra brilliant feature to the Beddit is the smart alarm, that wakes you up based on whether or not you have had enough sleep. Awesome right! Beddit just recently launched its first Apple Watch app too. All you Apple Watch owners this is great for you.

I absolutely love the Beddit. It does an amazing job at tracking my sleep. I’m sure it will do the same for you. The Beddit retails for $149.95 and makes a great Christmas gift for the tech lover you know. If you try it or have tried the Beddit let me know your thoughts below.

It’s that time of the year again, where we all become shopping maniacs in search of the perfect gifts to light up our loved one’s faces. Whether you started shopping in July or you are gearing up for the hustle and bustle of the Black Friday rush, we all seem to need those great stocking stuffers and last minute gifts. This 2015 Holiday Guide is just perfect for sure to please gift ideas. The guide is sectioned into categories for easy browsing. Enjoying!

For the Spa Lover

Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts and Scrubs by Kate Bello Buy it here

Peppermint Stick (Shower Gel Ornament) Buy here

Gingerbread House Gift Set Buy here

LUSH Spa Gift Set Buy here
For the Knowledge Seeker 

These books are sure to please as they all have a wealth of information.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life by Jane Buckingham Buy it here

Cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Erica Kerwien Buy it here

Stunning Braids by Monae Everett Buy it here

Idiot’s Guides: Everyday Makeup Secrets by Daniel Klingler Buy it here

Oil-Pulling Revolution by Dr. Michelle Coleman Buy it here

For the Tech Head

Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker ( App available for IOS and Android) Buy it here

Apple iPad Pro (Gold) Buy it here


Hey honey bunnies! I just wanted to share this awesome giveaway that I have entered into with you. Check it out!

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Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! Today I have great news and that is I reached 100 followers last week here on WordPress and I decided to host a giveaway! I would like to thank everyone who is following my blog here and on bloglovin’ – thank you so much, you are awesome and make my day, every day! I honestly cannot express how grateful and happy I am, so let’s go straight to giveaway now!

To thank you I decided to make a giveaway and the item I chose is


The set contains three beautiful eye shadow, blush and bronzer palettes with a total of 18 eyeshadows and a deluxe size of the famous Better Than Sex Mascara, all in a dollhouse box. The set already got great reviews and it’s so gorgeous that I was lovestruck as soon as I saw it in Sephora!

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Hi Honey Bunnies! I had the chance to experience the entire Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil line. Check out the video to see the line and find out my thoughts.

Ladies, I know a lot of you are busy on the go moms, business women, or both. While I can relate to your mover and a shaker lifestyle, I know that sometimes lyou may want to take time to pamper yourself. Trying to find this time is not always possible when you are trying to close a deal, travel to soccer practices/games, or head out on a plane to scout out office space to expand in a new city. I get it! But know you can have the stylish manicure you want with out waiting in the salon at over half the price.

ImPRESS has super cute manicure sets that you can apply within a few minutes. I absolutely loved the sets that were sent to me to tryout. They were easy to apply and I did not have to worry about smuggling, dings, or drying time! Just pop and go! Yes, I know you like the sound of that, you won’t miss a beat with imPRESS. 

(These are the sets that I was sent, Cute right?) 

They have so many styles to choose from too. If you want the classic French manicure or a stand out look that’s full of sass, imPRESS has what you want. The nails are long lasting also. Visit their website to see all of the styles available. You can find imPRESS press on sets at your local drug store as well. 

Have you tried an imPRESS press on set lately?

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Have you ever wondered why your skin may not be as radiant as it shout be? I know I had this question in my head. It may be that you just need to exfoliate your skin to remove old skin cells from your face. I have just the product to deliver great results for you. The Exfoliator is from OZ Naturals. This product works well with all skin types. I have combination skin, those of you with this skin type can feel my struggle. 

I had never tried to exfoliate before in my life. So this method took some getting use to, as far as getting the right mix of power to water. You want a nice gritty paste, this will allow you to get the most benefit from the Exfoliator. It does a good job at taking any dead flaky skin off without damaging the skin. The product rinses off very easily and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother! I also applied a retinol cream afterwards and I feel like it absorbed much better than usual. 

Key Ingredients 

Bamboo: to gently exfoliate skin and unclog pores. 

Lactic Acid: helps exfoliation-breaking down and removing dead skin cells for healthy, glowing skin.

Green Tea Extract: helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen as well as tone and  protects the skin from the free radicals.

Pro-Vitamin B5: helps retain moisture and relieves dry, irritated skin. 

The Verdict 

I love this product! There is no need to apply any pressure with it. Once you scrub for a couple minutes, leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off to unveil beautiful lush skin. I suggest you give this product a try yourself. I’m sure you will love it too! 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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