The winter blues is real. If you’re like myself, you’re over the cold weather. One minute it’s cold, the next it’s warm, just playing with my feelings for short sleeves and open toe sandals. These crazy temps are wild and I’m ready for Spring to get here for good!

                                  Ashley Nell Tipton Boutique+ Lace Dress and Moto Jacket

To run my hopes for warmer weather through the roof, designer Ashley Nell Tipton has released her new Spring 2017 collection with some items available now at JCPenny. From nail polish lines to Simplicity Patterns collaborations (Did you know she had these projects going on?), this chick is spreading magic! This new spring line is the designer’s third collection. The Ashley Nell Tipton Boutique+ collection follows the plus size designer’s belief that every woman deserves to feel amazing and that her fashion should never have to be compromised due to her size.

The collection is fun, colorful, and full of life. The inspiration is pulled from the designer’s love of 50’s silhouettes and late 80’s punk fashion. Don’t know if the collection comes in your size? No worries, sizes range from 16W-30W and 0X-5X. Can you afford it? Absolutely! Prices are from $20 – $75, not bad right! Trendy, fun, and affordable equals winning.

This collection has some great pieces that I must have. The colorful lace bralettes and dresses are beautiful. I really like the lace trim skirt, it’s full of sexiness. The Moto jackets are awesome! They are bad ass, but flirty at the same time. Love it!

I really need this Moto Jacket in my life!

Are you ready to step into Spring in style? Get your Ashley Nell Tipton Boutique+ fix now online and in-store a JCPenny.

What do you think of the new collection? Tell me in the comments!

I know many of you are very familiar with Kylie Jenner and her fun flirty style. Recently, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting Fashion Nova’s “Wanderlust’ hoodie and legging set”. A very cute outfit if I must say so myself. I did take a look at the Fashion Nova website and their clothing is super budget friendly. Fashion Nova makes it possible for every girl of all sizes to look and feel like Hollywood royalty. The brand’s clothing has graced the bodies of Hollywood’s sexiest ladies including Nicki MinajKhloe KardashianAmber RoseBella Thorne and Blac Chyna just to name a few, all who love to wear the newest fashion forward trends whether they’re at the hottest celeb-filled hot spot or running around town.

unnamed (1)

This season’s hottest new trend is loungewear. Yes, loungewear honey! You can dress it up with a pair of cute strappy heeled sandals for date night, like Kylie does with her man Tyga, or play it down with a pair of sneakers to run some errands. Loungewear is it! It’s the most versatile outfit you can be rocking this season.


Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

The above crop top and curve-hugging legging set (each under $19) Kylie is wearing, turns the heat all the way up.  It’s perfect for working out and shows that loungewear is the newest trend in sexy fashion-forward gym and streetwear. Check out Fashion Nova for trendsetting edgy clothing that stays true to a woman’s natural curves with ultra comfortable and body hugging fabric blends.

Do you like Kylie’s outfit? Have you shopped at Fashion Nova?

Who Wore it Better?

So who do you think wore the Fashion Nova Wanderlust’ hoodie and legging set better, Kylie Jenner or everyone’s favorite fashionable grandma Baddie Winkle?  You decide! Tell me in the comments.

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Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed tuna from the can. It was a simple quick food item that you could prepare in a variety of ways. My two ways to have was as Tuna Helper or just as a salad on bread with lettuce and tomato. If I could have eaten Tuna every day as a child, I would have. As I got older, I moved away from eating Tuna as much.

Recently, I had the chance to reconnect with the fish that I liked so much as a young girl. The folks over a SafeCtach reached out to me about trying their brand of Tuna. I was sent samples of all the products they currently offer. I have to say right off, it’s very tasty! 

I know many of you may worry about the mercury levels in Tuna. No worries with SafeCatch. They test every fish they use for purity in the production process of their tuna (This the only brand that individually test every fish for mercury). They also use an old artisan method to cook and package their product. At Safe Catch, they hand cut and hand pack each wild tuna steak into a BPA free lined can with no additives or fillers. Then, they slow cook it just once to lock in all the favor and nutrients. You don’t have to worry about draining your after opening either. Just open up the can into a bowl, chop up the steak with a fork and let it reabsorb its natural oils. You’ll have the moistest tuna ever with amazing taste.

SafeCatch’s tuna is Non-GMO verified and BPA free. It also has 35 grams of protein per can. Awesome right! This tuna is great for expecting mothers, children, athletes or whoever enjoys tuna. SafeCatch Elite Wild Tuna is available as 5oz can and a 3oz single serving pouch. They even offer a No Salt Added Albacore. If you follow a special diet, this is a great option for you. 

I just love SafeCatch brand of tuna. It’s a brand that I can feel great about serving to my family and enjoying myself. I really like that they take the extra care and time to make a product that pure and sure to deliver the nutrients that my body needs. 

Have you tried SafeCatch tuna? What are your thoughts on the product? Tell me in the comments.

Hi TRC Gang! Recently, I had the opportunity to host a sneak peek viewing party for the new CBS All Access show The Good Fight. This show is a spin off from the creators of the The Good Wife. Being that I am a fan of the show series The Good Wife, I was very excited to see what they had came up with this new show.

Once the day rolled around to host the party, I was very happy. I had already been sent a party pack with goodies for my guest and myself. The pack included gourmet popcorn, a trivia game, cute cups with the show logo on them, napkins, note books, posters, and a Roku (my gift for hosting). It all came in a cute tote bag. All I had to do was add in other food and drink items and we were ready! 

In an effort to not spoil your viewing pleasure, I’m not gonna dive too deep with my review of this show. All I am going to say is that The Good Fight is definitely a must watch. I loved the casting and writing so far. I would love to see more when it airs. I know you may be wondering what is CBS All Access and how can you get it?

CBS All Access is a streaming service where you can stream live tv plus 8,500 shows on-demand for a small fee. There are currently two packages offer Limited Commercials ($5.99 per month) and Commercial Free ($9.99 per month). Even though I really enjoyed the sneak peak episode of The Good Fight, I am up in the air about playing to access it. I guess will decide before the show airs on February 19th. 

Do you have CBS All Access? How do you like it?

As you all know, losing weight has been a real battle for me. Sometimes I have won, then other times the weight with it’s sneaky self has sucker punched me. The journey has not been easy by far. However, I try to continue to have a focused mind no matter what the scale reads.  
In November of 2016, I recommitted to my journey of losing the pounds. There have been some good and not so good days. Trying to lose weight is hard as SHIT (excuse my language)! It has always puzzled me how you can put on weight effortlessly and as soon as you want it off, it’s hard to take off. Crazy! Then you can lose it and gain back even more than what you had before. How many of you have done that? I know I have! Nevertheless, even though getting the weight off is hard, it can be done.

Since November, I have lost a total of 60lbs. Just by changing some things around. I have never been a bad junk food eater or anything like that. I just like good food! Yes, you can over do it on the good stuff too! I had to do some tweaking to my everyday lifestyle (this is a new way of life, not a diet for me y’all), then I started to see changes! I’m really proud of myself!  I still have a long way to go though. I promise to keep you all updated on my journey more as well. 

If you are on a weight loss journey, let’s support each other! Join me on MyFitnessPal @CheleVon and subscribe to me on my YouTube channel for tips. We got this! 

You’ve been making plans for your ultimate wedding day. In your dreams you think of unique ways to make your wedding like none other ever seen before. In those dreams you see a Wedding Registry from Dominos because you and your mate fell in love over a slice of their delicious pizza. 

Well, dream no more, now you can have that Wedding Registry from Dominos. Starting today, they’re rolling out the aisle runner for their wedding registry at dominosweddingregistry.com. 

“Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so we wanted to give recently engaged couples that are passionate about pizza the chance to register for something they both truly love as much as their partner,” Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokeswoman, tells The Knot exclusively. “Choosing wedding gifts can be a daunting process, especially if couples can’t agree on what to register for. Our registry aims to bring couples together over their shared love of pizza.”

Domino’s loyal fan base helped in making a wedding registry happen, especially since so many couples include the cheesy goodness in their wedding day.

“Our customers constantly tell and show us on social media how pizza plays a role in their wedding, whether it’s for the bridal party, a late-night treat for the reception and other day-of experiences,” says Kate Trumbull, Domino’s digital marketing director. “We wanted to make it easier for people to request something fun they’ll get excited about. Who doesn’t love pizza? From our perspective, you can give and receive a wide range of really fun, unique packages that tailor to the couple, like the ‘Thank You Card-a-thon’ package for when you’re cranking through those thank-you notes after the honeymoon.”

How can you create a registry? It’s very simple. Just add in your information and select the photo, message and items you want, and then you can share your wish list with family and friends on social media or pop it on your wedding registry with a unique URL. Also, your guests can also search for a registry by using your names and wedding date. 

However, creating and customizing your registry is the most fun! You can choose from a variety of featured gifts to enjoy before, during and after the wedding (prices starting at $15). For those who aren’t sure what to serve at prewedding festivities like bachelor parties, Domino’s has it covered with a “2 a.m. Bachelor Party Feast.” After you settle into newlywed life together, you can enjoy a “Low-Key Date Night” or take advantage of their “An Excuse Not to Cook.” All gifts will be delivered to the lucky recipient’s as Domino’s eGift cards by email to use on Dominos.com for whatever items they wanted. Your guests can give a physical gift if preferred. They’ll receive a printable confirmation email just perfect for putting inside a card. 

To celebrate the launch of Domino’s Wedding Registry, wedding-inspired pins have been added to the official Domino’s Pinterest page to make all your pizza pinning dreams come to life. 

Photo by Dominos 

What do you think of the Wedding Registry offered by Dominos? Will you have a Dominos Wedding Registry for your wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Hi TRC Gang! How many of you liked and still like the group New Edition? If yes, I’m sure you saw the three part movie mini series that aired on BET. When they first announced that it would be airing, I was on it! I was too excited when the time came around for the movie to finally come on.

Photo Credit: BET.com

My Thoughts

I have to say right off, that this movie was put together nicely. The casting for the young and older member depictions were  good. They got as close to look alikes as they could. Some were closer than others. The talent from the cast was amazing. They really worked hard to get down the singing voices, dance moves, and even speaking voices with perfection. Their were also some actors and actresses that we had not seen in some time in the movie as well. 

The music brought back a lot of childhood/teenage memories. It was interesting to see what the group went through on their journey to super stardom. One thing that really stood out to me was when they went to sign the first and second contracts. The question that popped in my head was, where are the lawyers? The second was, did the mothers read the contracts? I know they probably could have got an entertainment lawyer that would have looked over the contracts for free. If the parents had looked over the contacts with a lawyer, the lawyer could have made everything crystal clear for them. That way a lot of cut throat activity could have been avoided off top. However, I get it, they were all just so excited and thinking about how the opportunity in front of them would change their lives. But, you got to know what you’re signing your John Henry to (as my grandfather use to say).

I did notice another thing that stood out to me, all of the mothers were single. I did not see one father in the household. Hummmm?? Well that’s a whole other post! Moving right along. I did like how Brooke Payne stepped in not only as a manager/choreographer, he also acted as a father figure. They respected him and you saw the bond that was there in the movie. I loved that! It was sad to see the amount of drug use. They kept it all the way real and I can appreciate that.

Now, let’s talk about the actions of certain members of the group. Bobby Brown, I love him very much as an entertainer. In his day he was a bad man! In this movie, it showed how much of a show hog he was at that time. It was like in his mind, he was the Michael Jordan of the group and the rest of the group members were his supporting cast. Being late or not showing up for shows is very unprofessional no matter how great you are. That’s just bad for business all the way around. When thay had to make the decision to cut Bobby from the group, that was so sad. I could feel their pain in this because they were not just friends, they were brothers in a sense. 

Ralph, I absolutely loved his voice. Amazing! At a young age he was a very stand up guy. I like how they showed how he was down for his boys by not taking the solo deal presented to him. Instead, he made the decision of it’s all of us or nothing. In the movie, he presented song that he had worked on to the other group members. They were not feeling it at all. The other members took it as he was leaving the group to pursue a solo project. This brought about some harsh words and feelings. I think he should have presented the project in a better way than he did. In my opinion, he could have told them like this; “Fellas, I have been wanting to do a solo project for a long time now. I don’t want to break up the group, I just want to try my hand at it. I have some tracks that I have worked on and I’d like your thoughts on it.” That may have made it go over better and smashed the negative outlook. After all, everyone gets to a point where they want to try new stuff.

Overall, I feel that the production of this biopic was simply amazing! It has really set the bar for others that follow after it. I think it should be put to DVD for fans, as this movie is truly a keepsake. Job well done! 

Did you watch The New Edition Story? What were your thoughts on the mini series?