The iPhone 5: To Have or Not to Have

Hello All,

It has been along time coming for the iPhone5 and people like myself were jumping for joy when it came out on September 21st. Today, I have decided to give you a run down on my new shinny iPhone5. I am so in love with this phone! I ended up pre-ordering the white iPhone5 from Sprint. It arrived to my door step the same day they hit the stores, which was super awesome! It came with ear buds, the USB cord and the wall adapter. The phone is the lightest phone I have ever held in my hand. The web browser is really fast. They have taken Google Maps and the Youtube icons off, but if you would like to add them back you can do so from the app store. The camera works well and your photos come out crisp. Alot of people say that a lot of the apps in the app store are not free. But I have been finding some amazing app on there for free. The battery life for me last all day, from about 8am in the morning to 11:30pm at night. Yea, that’s long right! Over all I am crazy happy with my new phone purchase. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants an iPhone5 to purchase one.


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