Carol’s Daughter vs Cantu

Hello loves! As you know I have been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair for about 6 months now. Like all ladies do when they are making the switch, we search and search for those products that are the best. Yes, I to became that product gathering diva too! I went on the hunt for the best of the best. YouTube has become my new best friend in my journey as well. There are some very informative natural sistas on this site.
After, much research I decided to try two of the four products that I had got the most feedback on, Carol’s Daughter and Cantu products. I ordered Carol’s Daughter for their website and purchased my Cantu products from Walgreens and Walmart. I was so excited to get my Carol’s Daughter package in the mail, it was like I was a kid at Christmas!
The first product I tried was the Cantu. I bought the Shampoo, Wash-out Conditioner, and the Leave-in Conditioner. Cantu products have a fabulous yummy smell to them. The shampoo gives a great lather and the wash-out conditioner is nice and creamy. Both products wash out great! The leave-in conditioner is divine! It’s texture is super creamy and fluffy. The products leave your hair very moisturized with out a heavy greasy feeling. Moisture is a big must for my extra dry hair and my hair stayed moisturized for well over a good week, after using Cantu.
When it was time for my next wash, I pulled out my Carol’s Daughter products. I was pumped on this wash day! The smell was not as good as the Cantu products at first thoughts. As I began to wash and lather my hair with the shampoo, it did great. When I washed out the shampoo my hair felt hard and tangled even tho I combed through it as I washed it. I proceeded to put in my leave-in and it still left my hair feeling hard. The leave-in was also a little to greasy and really weighted my hair down. I ended up rewashing my hair. Carol’s Daughter may be a wonderful product, but it just did not do wonders for my hair.
Over all, Cantu products won for me. Carol’s Daughter may be a great product for someone else, just didn’t rock out for me. If you have some thoughts about these two products, please share them with me below. I’d love to hear them! Until next time, stay Beautiful, Strong, and most of all FABULOUS!!


One thought on “Carol’s Daughter vs Cantu

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