The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Hi sweets! Today I am bringing you a quick review about “Coconut Oil”. I am in love with this oil! This oil does wonders for my dry hair and it has eliminated my dry itchy scalp. The properties in this oil is not only good for your hair it’s also great for your body inside and out. You can find Coconut oil at your local health food store or you can grab some at Walmart like I did. It’s located in the pharmacy department and cost $10.00. If you have tried out Coconut oil please share your thoughts with me. Remember to stay Beautiful, Strong, and FABULOUS!
Note: You must refrigerate this product after opening it.



10 thoughts on “The Wonders of Coconut Oil

  1. vinegarandwater says:

    My homegirl used to swear by this stuff. She would get it from Walmart and use it alll over her hair and skin. I love coconut oil as well. I use a brand that I find at this Indian market. It the real deal. It’s just oil and it’s edible. it even has coconut pieces in it. I use it on my hait and skin but sometimes I’m a little nervous it will attract flies in the summer so I use Shea in the summer. I also use it for my brown sugar body scrubs. Girl use it freely it’s good stuff!

  2. thereviewchic says:

    Hey V&W,
    Yes, coconut oil has been simply the truth for me too! I do have the same concern about the attraction of bugs as well. Lol The brand you use sounds divine, what’s the name of it? How much did it cost?

  3. curlsandmo says:

    I love it, too! I reviewed it on my blog last week! You can also use it on your nails and on your skin. I know some people cook with it and the other day my cousin said she used on a burn or cut and it healed faster than normal.

    • thereviewchic says:

      Hey Curlsandmo,

      I did not know the coconut oil can heel cuts and burns. Talk about wonders! What were some dishes the people you know made with the coconut oil? How does it do on your nails? My nails will grow then split. Does it help with making them stronger?

  4. Life and Shifting Seasons says:

    Love love love coconut oil… I typically use it for my skin and hadn’t used it on my hair. I’m natural but I’m typically a “straight” natural hair style person. Lately, I’ve been going heat-free to help my curl pattern develop. Since I’m twisting my hair these days, I’m going to try coconut oil out in my TWC sets.

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