The Power of the Little Ol Lemon

Hi loves, Have you ever wished for more vibrant skin? Have you spent countless amounts of money on products? Well stop wishing and throwing your money in the air! The product you are looking for is right in your kitchen. To get beautiful radiant skin just think LEMONS! That’s it lemons…the acid in the little Ol lemon helps to fluff off dead skin cells, uncovering flawless younger skin.
All you will need is fresh lemons or organic lemon juice, granulated sugar, and cotton balls (cotton pads are even better). You first want to wet your face with warm water. This opens your pores and preps your face. Then, you want to take your cotton pad or ball, saturate it with the lemon juice. Last top it with the sugar (brown sugar works well for this too). After that, you want to buff your face with your mixture. Be sure to get your T-zone area and other areas that sweat. Once, you have buffed out your face, give it a rinse and that’s it! Your face has the natural glow you’ve been searching for. I hope you enjoy this natural beauty tip. If you try it out post a photo or comment telling me how you liked it. Til next time, stay Beautiful, Strong, and FABULOUS!

Note: If the lemon juice is a little strong for you, you can dilute it with a little water.


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