Healthy is a Habit Challenge

Hi loves! How many times have you vowed to yourself that you are going to take the steps towards a healthier more fulfilling life? How many times did you start strong on the road to obtaining your goal weight, or changing things in your life that were a hinderance in your life for the better and fell off the cliff from the mountain of success? I have been on that road to many times myself! This time I have said, I will make my goals and stay with it. I am starting to change my whole outlook on fitness, nutrition (eating healthier), and my health in relationships with friends and family. I would like to invite those that are also considering changes in their over all health to join me in this challenge to achieve goals to your healthier lives.
I would ask that everyone set small goals for a 2 week span, giving an update on how you did with that goal at the end of the 1st week and a final update at the 2nd week mark for that goal. Then everyone will add a goal to the 1st goal you started with, staying in line with your 1st goal as you add goals to it. I would also ask that everyone keep a journal for this challenge as well. To let everyone get there thanksgiving meal grub on, this challenge will start on December 1st and go through to December 1, 2013. I look forward to all of you joining me in this challenge! Here’s to fabulous health!! Please feel free to share this challenge with others. Goal success is best met with support from positive forces around you!


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