Tis the Season for Gratefulness

Hello loves! With each passing year it brings new adventure, excitement, goals, more commitments, and things to be grateful for.

As I reflect over the years leading up to now and soon 2013, all I can do is lift my hands in praise and say thank you for everything I have been through in my short years on this earth. Each trial was and still is a test of my mind, faith, strength, and confidence within who I am. I am truly grateful for these test that allowed me to see the wonderful strong welled person that I am to this day. I am thankful for my many talents such as being creative, innovative, being able to think on a dime, being able to communicate with any age group, being a business savvy person, and being able to have a heart of compassion.

I am so very very grateful to have both of my parents still with me supporting all of my endeavors. I had some scares where I was worried if they were still gonna be by my side though! Now, my father is very successful in managing his Diabetes health and my mother is a proud Breast Cancer survivor, with a full head of hair that tells the story of her walk though the battlefield. So, just as Jill Scott said in her song “Blessed”, “Daddy on my right and Momma on my left, I’m so blessed!” I am indeed! But I also got my brother who’s got my back and my little nephew who’s got my front!! Hey now! Can you say covered by the man up stairs and surrounded by my angels on earth! I am highly thankful for them in every way!!

As, the New Year approaches, I am thankful for the new doors that will and are being opened, the new people and connections I will be making, and even for the people or things that will be taken out of my life. I am grateful for all that I have been through! It has groomed me and molded me for all the mighty things that are to come for my life.

What are you grateful for with the coming New Year just around the corner?


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