Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo & Hair Milk

Hello Naturals! Have you been looking for a good product that would relieve your dry and itchy scalp? Me too, and I have found one that works wonders on my head!
I was in Sally’s Beauty Supply picking up some much need items, when I came across this fantastic product from Eden Body Works called Peppermint Tea Tree shampoo and Hair Milk. I found it just in time for my wash day for my hair. I purchased it, then the following day I tried it out.
This product right off the bat smells amazing and super yummy! As I worked it through my tresses, I noticed that it lathers really well. The mint cool sensation is fabulous! I like to wash my hair twice with this shampoo, letting it sit on my hair for 5 minutes the second time. This lets that mint really do its thing. I must say that with the shampoo, a little goes a long way! After that, I applied the hair milk. This is a leave-in conditioner and its smell is heavenly also. I was very generous with this product on my hair and then twisted my hair up.
This product left my hair fully moisturized and my hair was flake and itch free for all most a week and a half. The only down fall for me is that the shampoo when I washed it out left my hair hard feeling. It may just be do to it being a really natural product and it does not have all that other stuff in it. Other than that, its a great product and has become part of my hair washing process.

Have you tried this product before? Please tell me how you hugged it or tossed it.



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