So You Want to Lose Weight

Hi all! So many times I have come across people that say they want to lose weight that they are carrying on their bodies. This is great and can be done if you really want to do so. However, it should not be done to please anyone but yourself. The trick to losing weight is to not look at it as oh I’m starting this diet to lose the weight. But look at it as a lifestyle change that you are making for the rest of your life. You start with small steps towards your goal of a complete lifestyle makeover.

I have started on my walk to a new lifestyle about four months ago, simply just to continue to be healthy. We know that healthy comes in all shape and sizes. Since starting, I have lost 25 pounds now, coming down from 450lbs (you can’t tell this is my weight by looking at me, so this was a shock for me). Losing weight is hard as stale cookies! Not gonna lie to you, but with hard work and focus, it can be done.

Keeping a positive outlook on yourself at the start is also key. I have always loved the skin I’m in. So that radiates from the inside out to people I know and don’t know. Your confidence speaks volumes for you! If you love you no matter what your size others will too! Love yourself now at whatever weight you are! Why because the weight did not come on over night and it sure as heck won’t come off over night either. It’s gonna take time! So love you in the process boo!! I have started a Challenge called Healthy is a Habit. If anyone would like to join me, take a look at the post about it. its starting up on December 1st. Good luck to those that are losing weight or just simply changing old habits for better health. Here’s to great health!


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