Get Moving with ways to Exercise at Home

We all know that making steps such as eating healthy is important in the weight loss process, but you also need to aid a good diet with exercise. This is where you have to make even more choices. Some may choose to walk on a track, go to fitness classes offered by local community centers or churches. There are people that frequent gym to get their physical exercise. But there are some that don’t want to go to a gym or just don’t have the time to workout outside of their home. If this sounds like you then you should try home workouts to exercise in the privacy of your home. There are plenty of apps that are designed for those who want to workout at home. You can find DVDs for purchase to help you exercise as well.

Here are a few DVDs and apps to get your home workouts started right!

Jillian Michaels: Kickbox FastFix- This video has a blend of fast-paced kicks, jabs, and dumbbell exercises. Its great for cardio and strength training.

10 Minute Solution: KnockOut Body!
This is great for kickboxing novices.

Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus
This video has five mini programs to work abs, arms, and glutes. Wonderful for beginners and veterans alike.

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred
This DVD is awesome and you get fast results.


Weight Watchers: The Weight Watchers Mobile app is a smart application for those that are on the go, but still want to keep on track with their Weight Watchers diet. When you download this free application you can choose to login as a Weight Watchers subscriber or check out a sample of the app’s features. Everyone can enjoy the daily featured recipes, shopping lists, success stories and weight loss tips.

Zombie Run: This app is a running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. As you run, dodge zombies and follow orders from the voice recordings. Before you know it, you’ve just completed a successful run.

Obstacles XRT: Wave bye bye to boring old sit-ups and treadmill runs. With Obstacles XRT, you can jump over tires, escape quicksand, and crawl under fences. All in the comfort of your own home—no equipment needed. Obstacles XRT uses plyometrics and HIIT training to get your blood flowing and fat burning. Get ready for one extreme workout.

BMI App: Calculate you body mass index (BMI) with this free app to determine how much body fat you have. The app gives you an idea of where your BMI should be. Reviews seem to be 50/50 about accuracy. It’s easy to use and helps you gauge your BMI.

Find more apps in your App Store for your smart phone.


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