Makeup Tips for Summer Glam

We all like to look our best when stepping out into the world each day. For woman of color, its difficult trying to find the right makeup and skincare products that are right for our skin tones. Majority of the well-known brands tend to focus on a few tones that are not truly geared to women with our skin type. So when it comes to beauty items, women of color need to know what makeup and skincare brands fit us best. This is most important in the summer months when the sun can be a factor.

Bronzer is Your Best Girlfriend

The heat in the summer makes it too hot to pack on heavy makeup as you may do in other seasons. During the day when you’re out and about, you’ll want to have coverage without feeling like your face is heavy, and the best way to accomplish this is with a great bronzer.

The Fit Me Bronzing Powder by MAYBELLINE comes in deep, medium, and light.
The bronzing powder has good pigmentation, is lightweight, and can last all day.

Roll on Some Minerals

Mineral makeup is awesome for your skin, so choosing a mineral makeup made with natural ingredients like the Mineral Bliss Lipsticks by Valana Minerals is a winner all the way! These lipsticks are made with Shea oils, coconut and organic olive oils.These sticks work well to keep your lips conditioned over time.

The colors of these little gems are fabulous as well. The Summer Bliss collection includes a sheer light pink, peach, coral, a russet and dark pink that are perfect for women of color.


A Great Base makes the Face

Ladies there is an important beauty rule to live by, this is to have a great base. Having a superb base makes the makeup on your face POP! Having healthy skin will allow your look to come across a lot better.

Before applying great summer makeup, clean, tone, and moisturize your skin. You want a cleanser, toner and matifying moisturizer for oily skin and a balancing moisturizer for dry skin.

Pamper your skin right with a few simple products that will help cleanse, revitalize and enhance. You don’t need to go over do it in the summer, just keep your skin fresh and your makeup light. Here’s to looking fierce in the summer!
Send some of your best summer makeup to me and I will feature you in a “Fabulous Days of Summer Makeup Post”. Send photos to thereviewchic at gmail dot com.


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