A Sisterhood of Friends

I have been blogging for a year and a half, two years now. I really enjoy it! It give me an outlet to share my thoughts, rants or raves, accomplishments, great finds, tips, and information with others. At first, I did not know which niche I wanted to focus on while branding myself as a blog writer. So I began to research and research. Then I finally found my niche market.
In the mist of my process, I found this great group of bloggers in a group called Bloggers Like Me. This group of ladies are sharp! I have learned so much from them in the time that I have been apart of the group. They are so supportive and really encourage one another. This community of women bloggers are awesome!
The female bloggers in the group consist of veterans, newbies, and those who want to start blogging. All of the women of BLM are dedicated to the positive exchange of tips, advice, ideas, and networking. BLM is not just a group, Its so much more! Its a sisterhood of women all coming together. We even have chats on twitter to talk about different topics as well.
I highly suggest you check out the Bloggers Like Me group, and/or join our weekly discussion.

What blogger groups you are apart of? I would like to hear about them!
BLM Twitter Page
BLM Facebook Page



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