Organic Hair Care by Happy 2 Be Nappy (Sponsored)

Hello Curl Friends! I am very happy to tell you about a wonderful company called Happy 2 Be Nappy. This company is based out Miami, Florida and was founded by Queen Goddess in 2001.
Happy 2 Be Nappy specializes in organic natural hair products that are absolutely amazing! The products can be used by all ethnic hair types. They use essential oils and herbs in their products that help heal your scalp and promote hair growth. At Happy 2 Be Nappy you can get the best in natural hair care for your fabulous locs and kinky curly tresses. They offer such products as African Black Soap Shampoo, Magic Gro Hair Oil, African Herbal Mist, and their Dry Scalp Hair Oil. The Dry Scalp Oil has been a super healer for women suffering from dryness of their scalp.

Did you return your hair to its natural state or just don’t know how to tame those flowing locs?
Now worries! Happy 2 Be Nappy is who you want to consult with for your hair care needs.
Would like the chance to try some of Happy 2 Be Nappy’s products?
You’re in luck! I will be doing a product giveaway with in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for details. Check out Happy 2 Be Nappy at their website.
Check out the Product Line

Do you have braids? Check out some products to use that will keep them looking fresh!



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