Kelly Price to host Too Fat for Fame

Good morning everyone! It’s a great Monday morning here in Indianapolis. I got in a fab workout and then sat down to my laptop. I was browsing through my twitter space when I came across a post that had Too Fat For Fame in it. I thought what is that about? So I investigated the post, to find out its a new show that Kelly Price is coming out with and now casting for.
Kelly took to Youtube to tell of her new reality show “Too Fat For Fame” as well. According to Price, the premise of the show is an opportunity for “plus-sized talent” to demonstrate their abilities if they’ve been denied roles, auditions, etc. due to their weight.
Hummmm…I am all for giving shine to my plus sized sisters and bothers. I hope this does just that. That is all I will say for right now. If you are a plus size talent and want to give this a try, go for it! Let me know if you submit your video so I can support you.

Audition and casting submission reels should be sent to You can follow them on twitter @TooFatForFameTV
Too Fat for Fame Promo


4 thoughts on “Kelly Price to host Too Fat for Fame

  1. yoli avoce says:

    Hi my Name is Yoli avo’ce I did apply for too fat for fame TV. for Kelly price reality. my video were summited on her face book page and you tube please check it out. I’ m so glad that some care enough to not sit back and not to denied our gift from God.

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