My Blogathon Bash Experience

Hello Loves! Just coming to you with a quick post about my Blogathon Bash experience.

This was my first time even hearing of this type of online event for bloggers. I was so excited to join the fun! The Blogathon started on June 21 and went on to June 24. I had a great time participating in it and I got a lot of tasks done for my blog as well. The had some awesome giveaways too!

The biggest task that I am most proud of myself for doing is getting my YouTube channel started. This is something that I had been putting off for sometime. So now you can say I’m bloggin and vloggin!! (Laughs) I will be posting lots of videos in the coming months, be sure to check me out.
YouTube Channel

If you are a blogger that did not participate in the Blogathon Bash but would like to do so, you’re in luck! They have one in the winter. For more information click here


One thought on “My Blogathon Bash Experience

  1. Tia says:

    Thanks for information about this event! Seems very informative and fun. I’m sad that I missed out this time but I look forward to participating in the future.

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