Method: Oil Cleansing


Have you been looking for natural ways to cleanse your skin? I have come across a method that may be just what you’re looking for. The method is called the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM. The method uses different mixes of oils to cleanse the face. Many facial cleansers talk about being “oil-free” and with this label slapped on everything, the beauty industry has certainly taught us that “oil-free” make-up and cleansers are what to opt for.
This is really a no go for our skin because our skin needs some oil. When we strip our skin of its natural oils, it produces more oil to compensate. If you are one with oily skin, this means more breakouts, blackheads, and aggravated skin. If you are a person with dry skin like myself or have sensitive skin, this means the skin is going to get much more drier and irritated.
The key to the oil-cleansing method is castor oil which comes from the castor bean. Castor oil is a great antibacterial and is the best for cleaning skin. Depending on your skin-type, you will want to use a different ratio of castor oil to other oils.

One popular mix combination is 80% extra virgin olive oil and 20% castor oil. Keep in mind that mixtures can be adjusted according to your particular skin type or personal preference. If you are a person with oily skin, you may want to make use of a larger proportion of castor oil. There are many oils that are commonly used for this method such as mineral oil, jojoba oil (for all skin types), sweet almond oil (for oily skin types), avocado oil (for dry skin types), coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil (which is perfect for all skin types).
Often times, mineral oil is avoided due to its lack of nutrients compared to natural carrier oils. Mineral oil can seal off your skin, preventing it from breathing. Also, mineral oil is thought to pose a health risk, which is why it is better to opt for natural pure vegetable oils.
For my dry skin, I use a mix of 2 cups extra-virgin olive oil, 1 cup avocado oil, and 1 cup castor oil in an applicator bottle.

How to Perform the Method
To apply this beauty treatment, the oil must be rubbed into skin for approximately two minutes. Next, a warm, damp wash cloth is draped over face until it cools. This is done to steam the face and open up the pores to further remove impurities from the skin. A cooled wash cloth is then used to wipe off the excess oil with continued rubbing. Oil may be used sparingly to moisturize the skin after the cleansing oil has been removed from the face.
I recommend only doing the oil cleansing method once a day (at night before bed). I would also suggest experimenting with mixtures of oils see what works best for you. Start with small batches so you can adjust the mix as needed.

Have you tried the oil-cleansing method before? What oils work best for your skin?


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