Ageless Derma: Satin Lipgloss

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you ever wanted a lipgloss that wears and covers like a lipstick? I have found the prefect gloss for you!

I was able to try out Ageless Derma’s Satin Lipgloss in the color Pink Gold. This gloss is very moisture rich and it glides on your lips just like satin. I was really surprised by its super creamy luscious texture. The color of the gloss is very vibrant and it gives a real pop to your lips. This gloss will not leave a sticky white residue on your lips like most glosses do after an hour of wear either. The gloss is made of minerals and key oils like caster oil. It improves the look of your lips as you wear it. Their mineral base Satin Lipgloss retails at $15.00 and is worth the price. Ageless Derma products are Cruelty Free meaning they were not tested on animals. They have many other products that I am sure you will love! See what products could work best for you, visit their website here.
See what the lipgloss looks like in my YouTube video here.
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