Beer Rinse for Luscious Hair

Yes, you read the title right on this post. You can use beer to get great looking hair. When I heard about it I was like “Get outta hear!” But yes, beer helps you to achieve soft, luscious hair with lots of shine, and more bounce to the ounce!

Beer has malt and hops in it, which are packed with hair loving proteins. These proteins nourish and strengthen the hair and even helps to repair dry damaged hair back to its silkiness with bounce. The alcohol in beer has B vitamins that help to tighten the hair’s cuticles helping to make light bounce off the hair, giving you glorious shine.

You want to start this process with freshly washed hair. Then section your hair into four parts. In the shower or at the sink, saturate each section of your hair with the beer ( you want to use organic beer and make sure to it get flat before using it). You may want o use 1-2 bottles or cans (whichever you prefer) depending on how much hair you have. Let the beer sit on your hair for 2-5 minutes, rinse the beer out of your hair with cold water. Then style as you normally would.
If you can’t take the beery smell you can cut it some with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). The ACV will also add smoothness to the hair.
You can apply this rinse to your hair 1-2 times a month or when you feel your needs a recharge.

Will you be using a beer rinse on your hair? If you have tried a beer rinse on your hair before, how were the results for you?


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