Dream Works Business Spotlight: The Star Boutique

I love to support my fellow business owners. This is one of my many passions in life. Knowing that I have aided a person in pursuing their dream, gives me fresh air! Just seeing their driven light shine from their soul in their eyes, is rewarding for me. This is why I enjoy bringing you the Dream Works Business Spotlight every month.


The month of September is all about shoe fashion and I have a fabulous Shoeista to tell you about! Let me introduce you to Genee Neal.
Genee resides in South Bend, IN and is the owner of The Star Boutique.
She decide to open her Boutique three years ago, funding it on her own.
For as long as She can remember Genee had the desire to be an entrepreneur. She had always loved fashion, accessories and styling. So she made her mind up and followed her great passion for fashion!
Genee’s boutique offers styles in shoes which range from hard to find styles to classic pieces. She specialize in shoe styling and accessories to match any budget.

Genee says that her best source of support for her as a business owner has been her family. She also networks with local and national business owners for advice.
I asked Genee what advice could she offer someone that may want to start their own business and she had this to say, “Write a business plan and a mission statement. Be realistic in your goals and Maintain a level of professionalism, whether you realize it or not-people are watching.”

Genee also had a special message for you the The Review Chic readers!

“Please check my page and reach out to me, if you are looking for a particular item or just to say “Hi”, I love to network!”

Be sure to check out The Star Boutique at the links listed below.

Business Social Media Links:
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/shopthestar
@Genee’ TheStar

If you are a small business owner and would like to be featured in the Dream Works Business Spotlight, please send an email to thereviewchic@gmail.com


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