Coconut Oil: Why You Should Use It

Coconut oil is my #1 go to oil. It keeps my hair healthy and full of shine. It has done wonders for my scalp and has helped me to achieve a great amount of hair growth throughout my natural hair journey. There are many essential oils that help promote hair growth on the market. Commonly used essential oils for hair growth are henna, lemon, rosemary, lavender, and you guessed it coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the best essential oils as it contains healthy fatty acids and vitamin E that not only helps with hair growth, but also helps to promote a healthy scalp.

How to Get Great Benefits from Coconut Oil
The one of the best ways to get benefits from Coconut oil for hair growth is with a coconut oil shampoo and/or with a coconut oil conditioner. By using a shampoo that contains coconut oil, can are able to allow your hair to soak up all of the oil’s goodness, along with other hair growth promoting essential oils that may be found in the shampoo. Deep Conditioning once a week with a coconut oil hair treatment is another excellent way to help your hair get the benefits of coconut oil as well.

Doing either one of the methods above will insure you strong healthy luster with retained growth. Your hair will thank you for treating it so well.
If you have enjoyed the benefits of coconut oil, please share it with me below!


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