The Rise of the Fake Followers

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I have a few social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook and a few others and I have built up a group of people that I follow and that follow what I post. This has naturally happened over a few years and I haven’t really put much effort into it. One of my friends on Twitter suddenly went from having thirty or so followers to five thousand followers in less than a week. How is this possible, where did she get this huge amount of buzz from? Has she been having a liaison with a famous celebrity that we didn’t know about?
The truth was much weirder though far less titillating she has spent cold hard cash to raise her followers in preparation of marketing her online store. I had heard of buying fake likes because there had been some news stories about some companies and politicians being caught out have hake followers added to make them seem more popular. I had thought that it had to be some sort of specialist highly expensive operation that would cost a fortune and would only be available to people with power, money and connections. Hmmm that does not describe my friend at all so what is going on.

Who Is Using Fake Social Media Promotion And How Widespread Is It?
I ask my friend where she had bought the followers from and she directed to a website that anyone can buy twitter followers from in only a couple of minutes and that only cost a few pounds for the smaller packages. This was not the shady difficult to find place that I was expecting it uses a slick sales page that highlight all the positives and points out the possible negatives that it has made sure that they will not affect you.
They claimed that their followers were ‘real’ so I checked out my friends account and clicked on some of her legion of mercenary followers expecting to find a blank page of information in their twitter profile. It looked real, there are posts, information and they have people following them. They had real details and I had to ask myself how you could tell if they were fake or not.

How Much Do These Sorts Of Services Cost?
There is some variability in prices and searching sites, eBay and other sources of fake followers and fake likes revealed that they are unbelievably inexpensive. I have used dollars because most of the prices I tracked down were priced in dollars.
• 100 followers between $7 and $10
• 1,000 followers between $15 and $20
• 10,000 followers between $79 and $149
• 100,000 followers between $350 and $499
It seems clear why someone would use this type of service to give their following or likes a real boost. The price for even 100,000 followers is less than even a basic internet marketing campaign and by selecting the right supplier then you get a results that are indistinguishable from naturally acquired followers.

Who Is This Practice Hurting?
This is a pretty widespread practice with hints from those involved that many high profile businesses use this technique on a regular basis. The way that the followers or likes are delivered strongly resemble that way a viral piece of content rapidly accumulates followers or likes and because of this it is used regularly to help boost natural buzz.
It is hard see how anyone is being hurt it is being a little dishonest about the stats that an account has and in most cases it is mix of making a site more respectable and trying to kick-start marketing. The biggest risk is choosing a provider that is going to flood your account with followers or likes from blank accounts. These are very easily identified because they have no details and usually have several digits at the end of the user name.
These cheap and nasty likes and followers are the reason that this practice has been in the news. They are so easy to identify that people have check and found them publicizing their attempts to shortcut success and done their reputation some temporary harm. The reason they are so easy to spot is that they are created using a robot program that makes hundreds or even thousands of new accounts every hour.
The lesson is if you are going to use this technique then make sure you use a reliable service or it might come back and cause problems later. If you are fine with using a less than honest way of boosting your followers and likes then I can’t see how you are hurting anyone so you may as well join the bandwagon.

What the Companies Are Doing
The social media companies are against people using the services of an outside company to artificially boost the statistics that they have. That being said they have been very slow to try and put a stop to all but the most obvious attempts. This may have something to do with the reported widespread use particularly by the top echelon of marketing companies on well known accounts.
Obviously this technique must have some positive effect because of its widespread use and availability. My friend considers it worth the expense of a couple of day’s worth of lattes and who knows how many thousands of people are making the same decision every day.

Is It Such A Big Deal?
This practice is not going to get you sent to jail so as long as you take a few simple precautions then have at it and enjoy seeing your numbers jump up in a wave of user hysteria, even if you are paying for it. The key point is to use a provider that has proper accounts and provides a guaranteed service so that you know that you will get what you pay for.

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2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Fake Followers

  1. Carla says:

    When I first started my small business I thought about paying to boost my following. Then I said wait….even if I do that there’s no promise that it will bring people who will become a short term or long term customer. I’m more of an old schooler, I like to see and talk to my customers…..really try to connect with them and understand what they are looking for. I understand social media is the big rage but I feel like no matter how many pictures or comments you post it doesn’t always bring true fans or customers. I find that home parties and craft fairs work better for me. It may take years to get a huge following but at least I know they would be TRUE fans.

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