Under the Dryer with K. Michelle

Hey loves! This past Saturday I had the chance to be in the presence of R&B soul singer/pianist/guitarist K. Michelle. The singer made her way to Indianapolis, IN (NAP Town as natives of the city call it) because it was one of the many city stops on her Rebellious Soul Tour. This tour is promoting her debut album Rebellious Soul.

I had the pleasure of chatting with K. Michelle during the filming of her new series Under the Dryer sponsored by Beautiful Textures. Under the Dryer is a series that K. Michelle will be coming out with soon. She says that at each stop of the tour, she goes to a salon and has talks about men, relationships , sex, and a host of other topics. This allows her to gain new material inspiration for songs. I had the opportunity to be in the segment filmed at Details Express Hair Salon. I was able to ask a few questions during the filming process such as if she would be open to interracial dating. K. Michelle replied with ” Yes, I am open to it. But I have just always seen myself with a black man. I guess it’s something in my own head about it. If a guy that is not black comes up to me and looks good on paper, why not! White men they do like me!” (Laughs)
Now, you all know the holidays are coming up and we all know that’s the time we get real snuggled up with our Boos, Boo Thangs, Cuddle Buddy whatever the situation may be. Around this time calls for some of that good good sexy Christmas music. So I asked her if she was going to put out a Christmas CD. I wanted to know and I know you all want to know! She replied “I was going to but I have been working on so much stuff, that the music did not end up being Christmas music. (Laughs) It just ended up just being music. I was like I don’t wanna sing about no jingle bells! (Laughing) I was so in the studio just writing, but I am gonna put out a Christmas song that will be hitting the radio I think next week. It’s like a big ballad so you’ll be able to get that. So yeah, cause I went in that studio and it was not no Christmas going on!”(Laughs)

There you have it K. Michelle will be coming out with a jam to set your Christmas mood, so those sleigh bells can ring all night long! When the Rebellious Soul Tour comes to your city be sure to go support it! Keep your eyes peeled for the Under the Dryer series to hit soon as well.

I know you all are like Chele Von where are the pictures girl?? Sorry loves, I was not allowed to take photos for you all to see. I also know you wanted full dish, but I was not allow a one-on-one interview as planned. Shout out to my video crew ( Jasmine Word, Erika Fowler, and Alex Blackmon) who were on deck to capture every moment!

Overall, I had a great time chatting it up with K. Michelle and the other ladies during filming. They were super hilarious and on point! A big thank you to Beautiful Textures for having me as a guest blogger and allowing to go through this amazing experience. Thank you to Details Express Hair Salon for opening up their place of business for filming.


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