Get a Little Help with A-Leg-Up

Are you a person that suffers from knee pain or has back or hip problems that prevent you from putting on your socks, shoes, and just lotion on your feet? I have found a product to aid you in those task. It’s called A-Leg-Up. This product was designed with you in mind. The design provides a comfortable platform to perform tasks like pedicures, applying spray, foot powder, trimming nails or putting on socks and shoes. Not only does it assist those with hip, knee or back problems, but anyone wishing to be more comfortable in performing these tasks. The long handle provides an easy to reach shoehorn as well. The product retails for $14.95.

How to use A-Leg-Up

To use A-Leg-Up, simply slip the product between the mattress and box springs of any bed.

Your body weight and the unique design of the product will keep it firmly in place.

For best use, the platform should be about one and one half inches out from the bed.
This may be used with the logo facing up or down.
This product may also be used on some, but not all stuffed chairs and couches.
When a task has been completed, it may be pulled and used as a shoehorn, then placed on or in a dresser. It may also be placed back in the bed and pushed flush between the mattress and box springs, ready for use the next time.

The Verdict
This is a super helpful product and it made my everyday tasks a breeze! I highly recommend this product to you or for a loved one in your life that could benefit from this great product. You could give A-Leg-Up as a stocking stuffer gift this holiday season. I’m sure it would be well received!

Visit the A-Leg-Up website to make your purchase today.



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