Review: ROGUE by Rihanna

Hey loves! You all know that I like to have a great smell good fragrance on me all the time. I also like to add to my collection of scents too! When I first heard the buzz about Rihanna’s new perfume ROGUE, I had to have it!

This perfume scent is fabulously sexy. It has a flirty blend of Jasmine, Plum, and Patchouli. It so sensual and distinct to your senses. Rihanna states that she made the fragrance for all women, for every mood, because every wants to project their true self. She also states that the scent is a reflects who she is today.

The packaging is beautiful and the bottle is bold with clean lines. I love this perfume and I’m sure that you will too! It retails for $49.00 2.5oz or $69.00 4.2oz at Macy’s department store. This perfume would make an excellent Christmas gift for the fragrance lover in your life.



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