Happy Birthday to Me!!

On this day the 18th of January a little premature baby girl was born to a young professional married couple in Indianapolis, In. The doctor and nurses saw this baby girl and thought, get some oxygen on her. She is so small! This baby girl though small was stronger than they thought she was. When a nurse came to check on her, she found this little girl had pull the mask off her face. The nurse put it back on and left. When she return, she found that once again the baby girl had taken the mask off. The nurse then realize that this premature baby was stronger than they all thought. Another nurse came over and asked her what was wrong? She replied, “She keeps pulling the mask from her face.” The other nurse said “Well if she can breathe on her own leave it off!”
With in the next few hours the doctor went to talk to the new parents and told them the great news about their tiny doll sized bundle of joy. Once in the room he said, ” Your baby girl is doing fine! We found that she is fully developed. I even hear that she is pulling the oxygen mask off her face to breathe on her own.” “You have a healthy baby girl Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn! We just want to let her gain some weight and you’re free to take her home after that.”

That tiny doll sized premature baby girl went on to surpass all obstacles that were set in her way. She grew up to become fantastic creative business savvy woman, who is still pulling off mask and letting people know that she is stronger than they may think she is. They soon see that she got this, while holding on to God’s hand!

Happy Birthday to Me!



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!

  1. jenniferhenry says:

    wow lovely testimonie …. i was a 12lb baby lol gave my mom diabetes while she carried me though it went away after i was born.. also i was born with my right arm stuck to my side ccouldnt move it until a few weeeks later

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