The Taste of Claus and Heidelberg Haus

Today, I decided to take a trip to my local German meat store and bakery. I love german meats and baked goods. When I was a little girl growing up my grandfather would always have some kind of german meat from Claus German Sausage & Meat store, whenever we would come to visit him and my grandmother. As, the years past and I got older, the meat store changed location in the city and we did not know where they had moved to.

I looked and looked all around the city for this store from my childhood. Well, I finally found it! I was so happy to have the address for this store again. It’s located in Fountain Square on the city’s south side of Indianapolis. I loved to new look of the store. I picked up some German Bologna, Holiday Loaf, and Franks.
I also popped by Heidelberg Haus Bakery. I love the smell of this bakery when I come to it. The aroma hits you at the parking lot! I brought some Brotchen rolls. They are a traditional german bread roll. This bread is crusty on the outside and chewy and dense on the inside. They do not have any preservatives in them. If you like light, fluffy bread rolls, these are not for you.
I could not leave Heidelberg Haus with out getting some of their delicious pastries . I got some strawberry strudel and a nice chocolate brownie. They give you nice portions that are big enough to share with a friend.

It was great to taste some of the meats and baked goods I enjoyed as a child with my grandfather and family again.
Have you tried German meats and baked goods before?






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