Shoplet’s Kantek Tablet Stand

I have been a Shoplet Blogger for some time now and I just love them! They keep me up on all the best office supplies that I get to try out and share with you all. This time around I got to try out the Kantek Tablet stand and I have found so many uses for this amazing product! It has made my daily work much more fluid.
It so sturdy and adjustment features on it for the tilt. This product even spins! I feel this is great because I may be on the other side of my desk and need to see it. It folds down flat when it is not in use for easy storage.


The Kantek tablet stand sells at Shoplet for $19.99 and other places sell it for $100. You can not beat that great price huh? Whether you are looking for Promotional Products, Promotional Shirts, or great office stationary Shoplet is the go to place for all of your needs.


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