Stylish Cap Toe Flats by Juil

I love shoes and I had been looking for another great pair of flats to add to my extensive collection of stylish shoes. When the opportunity presented it’s self to try a pair of new flats by Juil, I was delighted! Juil’s shoes are not your average shoes. They are made to help take toxins and free radicals from your body. Just how do their shoes do it you ask?
Juil’s footwear has Energy Flow Technology™. Juil has placed copper dots in the outsoles of their shoes. It creates a free-flowing connection between you and the earth, rejuvenating your energies with each and every step.
This connection to the earth’s surface can be beneficial for your health and make you feel good. The connection is called earthing. Some benefits from earthing are:
•reduced or eliminated chronic pain
•dramatically improved sleep
•relief from exhaustion, stress and anxiety
•lower stress and more calmness in the body
•thinner blood and improved blood pressure and flow
•relief from muscle tension and headaches
In order to get these benefits, a person’s skin must come in direct contact with the earth (like walking barefoot) or come into direct contact with a surface that has been grounded directly to the earth.


The Verdict
I really liked my black cap toe flats from Juil. I loved the way they looked.
I can dress them up or down. I am a girl that adores versatility with her shoes, so this is a huge plus for me. They are also super comfortable.
The shoes have a wonderful strong sole. The copper conductors are built in to the shoe very well and you don’t feel them. They don’t make any kind of clicking noise when walking on a hard surface either. The fact that just by wearing the shoes could benefit my body’s health is another plus for me as well.
Juil footwear has great quality and style with their shoes. They have various different styles for men and women.
Visit The Juil website here

Have you tried grounding technology before? Would you try these shoes? Let me know!


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