Ice Cream Cellars and Birthday Cake Vineyard Wines

I just love wine, birthday cake, and ice cream! I often wonder if there could ever be a way to infuse the flavors together. Well, there is a way and I have found it. Ice Cream Cellars and Birthday Cake Vineyards have done just that with their wines.

Birthday Cake Vineyards and Ice Cream Cellars, sent me some of their fabulous wine in flavors Cheesecake, Black Forrest Cake, Raspberry Ripple, and French Vanilla!
I adore the aromas that come from these wines. Their smell hits you right when you open the bottle. It’s very delightful on the senses!
Each wine should be chilled to enjoy and poured into a nice big glass to savor on its own or as an accompaniment to a meal (in my suggestion)!
These dessert wines can be consumed any time of day or at night if you prefer. You can even enjoy it with friends at an intimate get together.

The white wines were both crisp and tantalizing. You can really taste the french vanilla ice cream or a slice of cheesecake with ease and they made me feel like I was having bit of dessert, in a glass! The red wines were smooth and velvety with a hint of chocolate!

These wines are truly fabulous! You give them a try for your self. If you think they’re going to be overly sweet, let me tell you they are not. They are very but well balanced and so easy to indulge.

I would defiantly purchase these wines again as they have taken me won me over and have made their way on my absolute favorites list.
If you would like to find out more about these wines, flavors offered and places to buy, just head on over to their websites! You can also follow Birthday Cake Wines on Twitter and Facebook as well as follow Ice Cream Cellars on Twitter and Facebook too!!

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in these delicious, tasty, wines!



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