Make up, Skin care, Hair care – The Event (Recap) hosted by Naturalistas in Nap


Hello honey buns! I’m so excited to tell you about an event that I went to yesterday called the Make up, Skin care, Hair care – The Event. This wonderful event was hosted by Naturalistas in Nap (Indianapolis), a meet-up group for women with natural hair in which I am a member of. This beautiful group is made up of women who embrace natural hair as a lifestyle that seek to learn and share their journey with growing healthy natural hair. Their meet-ups are intended to share what everyone is learning about such as natural hair regimens, maintenance, products, styles, and anything else hair related.

The meet-up yesterday afternoon was very informative. The guest speaker was Angela Knari who is a 20+ year veteran beauty expert. Angela has worked for brands like Bobbi Brown Kiehl’s, and MAC. Her work has graced the pages of magazines, television, and on the catwalks of New York. Angela is also a Certified Skincare Specialist who is extremely knowledgeable in care for all skin types.
The event had the flow of a workshop which allowed for on the spot demonstrations of different makeup applications that participants had questions about. You all know that I love make up, so I had many questions. One of them being how I could make my eyes look and feel more open through my glasses? Angela had me to come up and she showed me how to make my tight almond shaped eyes pop.
Some other question that came up during the event were how to prime your face for make up, how to cover dark under eye spots, and how to fill in the perfect eyebrows. The ladies had so many great questions flowing and Angela took us to school on each one of them.

Alikay Naturals was the event sponsor and gave away some awesome full size product and samples of their Lemongrass Leave-in conditioner. I have always wanted to try their conditioner. I was so happy to get that and I was in pure bliss when I won one of the giveaways. I snagged the Moisture Rich Hair Parfait, another product that I had been wanting to try.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the meet-up. It was so good to be able to fellowship with all of the ladies. I found that for the most part I have been taking pretty good care of my skin and hair. I also walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to apply my makeup to add to my application bank.

If you are a natural in Indianapolis or surrounding areas and would like to join the Naturalistas in Nap meet-up group, find them here.








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