Hask Argan Oil and Keratin Protein Hair Products Review

Disclosure: I was given free products to test in return for my honest opinions and feedback via my blog. All thoughts are my own and your results may differ from mine.

Hello honey bunnies! I am super excited to share some great hair care products with you. When I say they are amazing I mean it! Let’s get into the product talk shall we. Now, when I got an opportunity to test these hair products I just could not say no! You see, Hask beauty brand specializes in delivering unique, specialized, and intensive conditioning treatments to their consumers.

You all know that I’m a natural hair chic living in Indianapolis, so the summer humidity beats on my hair. During these months I need all the moisturizing, frizz fighting help I can get. Plus, I like to press out natural kinky curly hair from time to time. I want my hair to have some act right when I do this style.

I was sent an awesome product basket package from Hask. This included their Argan Oil line and Keratin Protein line. I tested their shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioner treatments, and shine oil. I must say I loved them!
The nourishing treatments left my locks fully moisturized, conditioned, and ready for any style I could think of doing on my hair.

The Argan shampoo and conditioner both have this awesomely intense orange smell that energizes you while your washing your hair. They smell absolutely yummy!
I left the conditioning treatment (hair mask) on for 15 minutes and could feel the difference when rinsing it out. These products seriously make my hair DANCE.
These Hask® beauty products did wonders for my hair and helped me to achieve luscious frizz free hair. I recommend giving Hask® beauty products a try if you’re looking for some great conditioning treatments that produce awesome results!

To learn more about all that Hask® has to offer you and your lovely head of hair, visit their website at: HaskBeauty.com

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