Recap: International Hair Meet-up Day ( INHMD) Indianapolis

I know a lot of you have heard of or attend this great multi-city event in the natural community called INHMD (International Hair Meet-up Day). If you have not, this event is an annual one-day event that allows women across country the opportunity to meet in their own communities. These meet-ups are all held on the same day. INHMD also serves as a platform for networking, information sharing, inspiration, and a place to introduce products to individuals in their natural hair journey.

I had the opportunity to attend the meet-up this year in my great city of Indianapolis, with two of my girlfriends. We made a day of it and the outing gave us time to catch up with each other as all three of us lead demanding lives. So this was a wonderful get away for all of us to catch up and unwind.
The meet up was hosted by Naturalistas in Nap a community of women who are natural and embrace not just their natural hair but living a natural life as a whole. I have been a member of this group of exceptional women for a few years now and I truly adore this community of beautiful strong spirited women. This was the third year that Naturalistas in Nap has hosted INHMD in the city of Indianapolis.

The Event
This year the Indianapolis INHMD event was held at Palm Studios. This was a nice open air event space, that was very inviting when you entered it. The committee for the event greeted you with a nice warm smile and hello. This was good as it made you feel very welcomed and comfortable. If you had never been to one of the events before and were a bit nervous, you would have calmed down right off.

Their were plenty of vendors and something for all taste. I liked how the vendors were partitioned off and separate from the main stage area. Speaking of main stage, I really enjoyed what happened here. In this area a panel discussion was held. Out of this talk came lots of awesome information. We even got to hear how the panelist weighed in on various topics dealing with the natural hair community. I also liked that one of the panelist was male. It allowed us to have an enlightening male perspective on issues as well.
After the panel dismissed, we were given style demos from Jocellyn Ford creator of Maneology. She shared tips and tricks for styling and stretching the hair. She even show us how to add a pop of color to our hair using eyeshadow. I will be trying that trick out on my hair.

Overall, I had a great time at the Indianapolis INHMD event. I enjoyed meeting and being in fellowship with my natural sisters. I even got the chance to meet two of my Facebook sisters in person for the first time, which was amazing! I was also able to build some new connections by getting networking on and I have some valuable tips for my hair. I look forward to next years event, as well as other up coming events.

If you are in the Indianapolis area and would like to join Naturalistas in Nap you can join here.












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