Shoplet Review: Officemate Clipboard & Desk Organizer

As you all know, I am apart of a group of bloggers that takes part in the Product Review Program. We are given samples of the products to review every so many months. Then we offer our opinions about the products. All of the opinions are my own. I only recommend products I believe in and feel will benefit you my readers. Now let’s get into the products shall we!

Officemate Recycled Plastic Landscape Clipboard

Product Details

The Officemate Recycled Plastic Landscaple Clipboard

is a landscaped clipboard that holds
horizontal documents, spreadsheets and much more.
It is very strong, durable, and even has a low-profile metal clip to its design.
The construction of this product is awesome!

My Thoughts
I saw one of these clip boards while at one of my doctor visit, some time ago. I made a mental note to myself to get one. Now that I have one, I’m one happy business woman! I use it for everything from meetings with clients to my blogging and inventory logging needs. It is able to handle what ever I lay on it. It is also made from recycled plastic. I love it!!

Officemate OIC VersaPlus Functional Desk Organizer

Product Details

The Officemate OIC VersaPlus Functional Desk Organizer

is stylish, versatile and super functional. It works in pretty much any office environment and will have your desk organized in one convenient accessory.
The organizer’s design has seven compartments in it, 3
compartments to hold writing utensils, scissors, rulers and more.

My Thoughts
I heart this product, because it fits so well on my desk. I really loved the picture holder on the front of The organizer. I put a motivation photo in it that I designed. As a graphic designer we like to see our work around! You can put any picture you want in there. I just adore this desk organizer!

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