Dream Works Business Spotlight: Heather Williams of NaturallyMe35

Hello honey bunnies! As you all know I love to support my fellow small business owners. I like my readers to be aware of great businesses that may not be on their radars, that are right in their own cities in which they can support. I would like you to meet Heather Williams of NaturallyMe35. She is a fellow blogger from Maryland, that has turned her blog in a business. Check out my interview with her below.

TheReviewChic: Are you Single, Married, or Divorced?
Heather: Married
TheReviewChic: Do you have Children? If so How many?
Heather: I have three boys, ages 21, 16 and 12 years old. All three of my boys names start with the letter M!
TheReviewChic: When did you decide to start your business? Did you have supporters help with start-up or did you solely do it yourself?
Heather: I decided to start my business in December 2013. I had been blogging for about a year and had toyed with the idea of turning my blog into business. I’ve had no financial backers or supports with my business endeavor. All monies have come out my very own pocket. I am so thankful to have a decent full-time job and supportive husband.
TheReviewChic: What was your inspiration to start your business?
Heather: My blog has been a major inspiration for me. Initially, I started my blog to inspire and motivate ones sharing my fitness, weight loss and natural hair journey. And before you know it, a business idea emerged.
TheReviewChic: Describe your products or services you offer consumers?
Heather: Fro Fit Moms is a monthly feature catered to natural moms who balance mommy hood with staying fit, and healthy. The Fro Fit Kit is an affordable, healthy and convenient way for busy moms to explore natural hair, fitness, health and wellness related products. For the busy mom, these products delivered right to their front door each month. The FroFit Kit introduces busy moms to new products and brands.
TheReviewChic: What or who has been the best source of support for you as a business owner?
Heather: I have found support from many sources. Family, friends, professionals, blogger buddies and network groups.
More Tidbits About Heather
Heather enjoys working out and absolutely loves being a mom. She’s always researching products for her natural hair. She’s also a recovering product junkie. Now, three years into her natural hair journey she’s all about “paying it forward”. I am all about saving busy moms the hassle and frustration of searching, paying lots of money and going from store to store.
For Heather, this is only the beginning. Her goal is to continue to inspire, encourage and motivate the people that enter her life; whether it is a “newly” natural or a woman in search of meeting their fitness and weight-loss goals.
TheReviewChic: What advice can you offer someone that may want to start their own business?
Heather: Follow your passion, do your research, network and make sure to have a written business plan.
Follow Heather at her social media links below.

If you would like to be featured in my Dream Works Business Spotlight. Please send and email to thereviewchic@gmail.com


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