11 Foods to Help Turn Back Time

We all want to have youthful looking skin and lush hair. This can be achievable with foods that we eat. The right nutrition can play a major part in how we look and even in how we feel. Below I have listed 11 foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet to turn back time on your skin and hair.


Eggs: Have an egg for your morning breakfast! Eggs are very rich in iron and biotin, which help keep your skin and hair full and healthy.

Blueberries: A serving of this yummy fruit provides a great amount of antioxidant activity for your body. Antioxidants fighters of free radicals that cause wrinkles.

Guava: Guava an exotic fruit is packed full of vitamin C, that boosts collagen production to smooth skin. Take two cups per week of this anti-aging powerhouse.

Beans: These little gems are very high in protein which promotes hair growth and helps to thicken hair cells by making the fibers stronger.

Carrots: Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A. This nutrient is essential for a very healthy scalp and youthful, shiny hair.

Brazil Nuts: These nuts are packed with Selenium. What is Selenium? It’s a powerful mineral that aids in the production of the antioxidant glutathione, can be found in brazil nuts. This mineral repairs cell damage and slows down the skin’s aging process. Two nuts a day is all you need to help stop the aging process head on.

Cod: I just love Fish and it is can great for your health. Cod fish is wonderful for its anti-aging properties. This fish contains selenium, which safeguards your skin from sun damage and cancer.

Oysters: Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, which aids in protein synthesis and collagen formation.

Cucumbers: Are you a salad lover? I hope you are adding this salad fave in, it’s great for skin! The peel has silica in it, that helps to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen. Try to buy the unwaxed ones. You can find some nice sized cucumbers at your local Farmer Market too.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes provide lycopene, which helps prevent heart disease, elevated cholesterol and cancer. Lycopene acts as natural sunblock, preventing the UV damage that causes sun spots, dryness and wrinkles. Cook your tomatoes for their maximum anti-aging effect.

Romaine Lettuce: Romaine lettuce is high in vitamin A, a vitamin that helps revitalize skin by increasing cell turnover and encouraging new skin cell growth. Just add 6 leaves to your salad or as a side with dinner for your daily allowance of vitamin A.

Just adding some of these food into your daily diet can help you in having healthy beautiful skin and hair for a younger looking you.


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