Dial Mango Coconut Water Body Wash

I just love great smelling body hygiene products. From body scrubs to perfume, I love them! I take great pride in how I look and smell. In college I was nicknamed “The Smell Good Lady” by a guy I had a classes with. He said he named me that because I would smell good everyday and even when he would run in to me around campus.

Recently, I snagged the chance to try a new body wash product from Dial called Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Hydrating Body Wash. The smell of this body wash is divine! The refreshing scent of the coconut water paired with the sweet juicy scent of the mango is so enjoyable. I like how the scent of it just fills my bathroom and takes me to a tropical place while taking a shower.

The scent last for hours on your body which is a plus. Coconut water is great for your skin because it is packed with rich antioxidants and electrolytes that aid in replenishing hydration. Dial has a whole new coconut water line with lush products to help you achieve beautiful healthy skin. I know you will love them just as I do!

Now, here is your chance to win a coupon for a free bottle of your own Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango body wash. One Winner will be picked at random and this giveaway is open to U.S. Residents Only. *Giveaway will run from July 30 – Aug 6

Winner Guidelines:
1) You must follow me on my Twitter page You must also tweet “The Review Chic told me about the new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash. #GetNoticed”

2) You must “like” my Facebook Fan page

3) You must subscribe to my YouTube Channel

4) You must leave a comment on this post.

Good Luck!


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