Put Some Sweet in Your Girl’s Night with Pearl Vodka

Hi honey bunnies! As you all know I have a blast entertaining friends and family. Planning events is not only a profession for me, but it’s something that I have great passion for. Recently, I had the opportunity to review for a company by the name of Pearl Vodka. Pearl specializes in premium flavored vodkas. I was sent their Apple Pie, Plum, and Wedding Cake flavor vodkas. I tried all three and the taste of these vodkas were out of this world good! They immediately put me in the mood for a Girl’s Night In party.


So, I called a few girl friends over, whipped up some great food, and made signature drinks out of each flavor of vodka. I made a drinks called the Apple Pie Tini, another called Girls Just Wanna Have Plums, and a Cake Batter Martini. They were all amazing!

My friends had a ball and so did I. The favorite drink of the night was the Cake Batter Martini. This fun and festive drink was quick and super easy to make. The wedding cake vodka was the perfect element for this martini, by adding just the right amount of flavor and kick to the drink.

Overall, all of the flavored vodkas were delish. I highly recommend that you purchase the the vodka flavors mentioned here and some of the other flavors of vodka that Pearl Vodka offers. I’m sure that you will love them and so will your guest at your next event. I have listed the recipe for the Cake Batter Martini below for you to try yourself if you would like. If you do try Pearl Vodka please let me know how you enjoyed it!

Cake Batter Martini
1/8 cup white cake mix
1/8 cup water
1 oz Pearl Wedding Cake vodka
1 oz white chocolate liqueur
alcohol-infused whipped cream (optional)


In a bowl, add your white cake mix and water. Mix well.

In a chilled cocktail shaker, add your cake and water mixture, vanilla vodka and white chocolate liqueur. (The top of your shaker is usually equivalent to a shot, in case you didn’t know). Shake well!

Take a martini glass and rim it with sprinkles. You can use a simple syrup mixture (water and sugar) and dip your glass in the mix, then dip it in sprinkles or simply use a citrus juice.

At the bottom of your glass, add a few sprinkles then pour in your cocktail from your shaker.



Party Food





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