Get Fit on the Go with Journey Gym

Are you looking for a way to get fit and still continue to stick with your workouts even while traveling? Then the Journey Gym is the perfect portable home gym for you. The Journey Gym is a convenient, lightweight, case that holds your portable gym. It consists of 30 resistance bands, 5 attached to each side of the Journey Gym case and then 10 additional bands.
The case of the Journey Gym is the stability point for the resistance bands. The case also doubles as a platform for doing certain excersies, particularly step ups for cardio workouts or potentially squats with the bands.
Sounds good right?

While I tested the Journey Gym, I took part in their 70 day challenge in order to fully review the product for you. It was great! Along with the home gym I was sent a journal for keeping track of food intake, goals, and workouts. I received a set of DVD workouts and full access to their online community. This community allowed me to interact with other Journey Gym users and find other workouts that I could do. I even got a booklet that was full of helpful information as well.
The best part about the Journey Gym is that it only weighs 16.6 lbs. Yes, that’s right! Everything you need for an awesome strength cardio workout just weighs 16.6 lbs.

I feel the Journey Gym is an excellent piece of fitness equipment. The workouts are great and fit all fitness levels. The gym is extremely convenient and a great fit for all sorts of situations.
So, if you travel for work most of the time or are a stay at home mom looking for a way to get a good workout in between home duties, this is the gym for you. The Journey Gym is a great way to build and maintain your healthy lifestyle.
You can checkout the Journey Gym here
Have you tried out the Journey Gym before?


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