Review: Oreo Pie by Barbara’s Cookie Pies

At times I just love a good sweet treat. It can be anything from a candy bar, a slice of cake or pie, to a hand full of my favorite cookies. Sweet treats just put a little bit more happiness into your day or evening when you eat them. Don’t you agree? Yes, I know you feel the same!

This month I was able to try out another flavor of treats from a new fav company of mine, Barbara’s Cookie Pies. Their cookie pies are phenomenal and are great for sharing. The pie that they sent me to try on my taste buds was their Oreo Cookie Pie. Oreos are my #1 go to cookies. This cookie pie highlighted them very well with it’s creamy filling swirling with Oreo chunks and a nice buttery cookie crust. So delightful! I shared the pie with my family and they enjoyed it as well.

I am sure that you and your family will enjoy some of Barbara’s Cookie Pies just as we did. Their pies are great for gifting to co-workers and friends as well. You can go to their website to purchase some of their tasty cookie pies here
Spread the happiness with Barbara’s Cookie Pies!!


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