Get the Perfect Green Tea FRAP with KissMe Organics

Hi Honey Bunnies!  Are you a lover of green tea fraps like I am? I am always going out and getting my fix of this drink that I adore so much. I just love it! So a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kiss Me Organics to see if i wanted to try out and review their brand of Organic Matcha Powder. It took me all of about 2 seconds to say, absolutely!  Green tea has some great health benefits too!


A Couple Health Benefits of drinking  Green Tea that I like

It is High in antioxidants! Foods high in antioxidants are great. It also provides another nutrients that boost your immune system. You get increased Energy. Matcha is more concentrated, therefore beneficial to energy levels!

The Verdict
I really like this product!  A small amount of the powder goes a long way and gives you great flavor. The Matcha is so easy to use for cooking.
I was so shocked at just how many things you can make with matcha powder. You can make everything from Cheesecake, muffins, to smoothies!  However, when I got this product, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. You got it, Green Tea Fraps!!

My love for this drink started at Starbucks. Their fraps are so good, but cost can really hit you in your Jimmy Choo bag. So my first creation with the matcha powder was a copycat version of the Starbucks Green Tea frappucino! It tastes exactly like the Starbucks kind, for way less right in the comfort of my own home.

Green Tea Frappuccino Ingredients:

8-10 Ice Cubes

1 1/4 Cups Milk

1 tsp. KISSME Organics Green Tea Matcha Powder

1 tbsp. Vanilla Syrup


Add all ingredients into blender and blend for 20-30 seconds.  Pour and enjoy!
If you would like to purchase some green tea matcha powder for yourself, you can do so at the Kiss Me Organics website or Amazon.

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xoxo The Review Chic


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