Pamper Your Hair with Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care

Hey honey bunnies! Let me ask you something, when was the last time you pampered your hair? If you cannot remember then it is time that you take time to treat your hair. For healthy beautiful hair you must take the extra steps in caring for it. I enjoy pampering my hair from time to time. I do this by deep conditioning my hair. But if you are like me, at time you just don’t want to sit up under the hair dryer or steamer. Well I have the perfect solution to help you without involving the blaring heat from the hooded hair dryer. Are you ready? It’s called the Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care. I was super excited to try out this heat cap. I was sent the Purple Haze Hot Head along with a pack of disposable plastic caps to be used under the hot head.


This product is absolutely wonderful for the woman that does not want to deal with the hooded dryer all the time for deep conditioning. The Hot Head is a cap that you just heat up with the microwave to get penetrating heat for you deep conditioning process. It is filled with renewable flaxseed that produces heat when after one or two minutes in the microwave. The cap will then stay heated for 45 minutes. There are not plugs to place into outlets and you are free to move about while you pamper your hair. The heat cap is also environmentally friendly and comes in a many fashionable styles.


I adore the Hot Head heat cap so much. I like that I don’t have to be confined to a hot dryer or steamer and I don’t have to worry about a dripping mess while trying to deep condition my hair. I like that the cap is reversible too.
I highly recommend the Hot Head heat cap as a must have for your hair care treatments. You can purchase yours today at the Thermal Hair Care Shop on etsy.

Have you tried the Hot Head heat cap from Thermal Hair Care? Share your thoughts with me.

xoxo The Review Chic


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