Which Celebrity Hairstyle Are You? (Closed)

Hello Honey Bunnies! I am so excited to bring you this great giveaway sponsored by Hair2Wear and HairUWear. We want to know Which Celebrity Hairstyle Are You? for a chance to win a matching extension piece from Hair2Wear and HairUWear to recreate their look!

So tell us are you Christie Brinkley – Length, Volume, And Waves?



No need to be a supermodel to get this look! Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley 16” Extensions can help you achieve her long and elegant hairstyle with minimal effort. For longer, fuller, more beautiful hair, this one-piece hair extension clips in so easily. Its loose wave texture is designed to blend naturally with your own hair to provide maximum volume. ($49, www.sallybeauty.com)

Could you be Kim Kardashian – Sleek, Chic, Pulled Back Pony?



This sophisticated look can be achieved in seconds with Hairdo by HairUWear 18” Simply Straight Pony! This attach-in-an-instant piece lets you add long, full, trend-setting pony style to any look. ($49;www.ulta.com)  

Maybe you are Emma Stone – Classic and Elegant Bangs.



Attach this accessory in a snap! Classic, and elegant the Hairdo by HairUWear Clip-In Bang is a 5″ long blunt cut bang with framing sides that gives any woman bangs without the commitment of cutting her hair! Available in 11 salon inspired colors to best match your hair! ($29; www.ulta.com)

Which celebrity hairstyle are you? Tell me for your chance to win and create your stylish celeb hairstyle.
Leave a comment below. Winners will be picked at random. Good luck!



xoxo The Review Chic


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