Workout in Style with Flex it Pink

Are you looking for cute stylish workout clothing that can help you not only look great, but motivate you to get your flex on? I know I was in the same search. I was on the hunt for a few gym outfits that I could feel and look fabulous in. I also wanted these outfit to be motivational for me. Then I was presented with the opportunity to try a line of gym wear from a female owned company called Flex it Pink. I was instantly captivated. The styles of tanks that they offer is absolutely wonderful. The fun energetic colors really get you going. The motivational quotes on the tanks get you pumped to reach your fitness goals. They are very relatable in my opinion.


Flex it Pink was founded by Elisha Villanueva and Anna Snyder, these two ladies fitness entrepreneurs and even have an online fitness website which is yep you guessed it They have a few simple effective exercises to whip you into shape for summer on the site too!
These ladies strive to motivate women to get healthy and lose weight, with help from their online community.

I was sent two tanks from Flex it Pink to try out. One was their “Killin It” purple racer tank and the other was their “Gym Hair Don’t Care” grey tank. Both tanks were super comfortable and held up after being washed. I received so many compliments on each one when I had them on. I just love them! They gave me the style and boost of motivation to rock out in the gym.

I admire Flex It Pink for providing the support women need to begin and maintain a lifelong journey of health and fitness.  If you would like to learn more about this great company or purchase their fabulous tanks, visit their site here.

xoxo The Review Chic


12 thoughts on “Workout in Style with Flex it Pink

  1. MJ says:

    Oh I love that tank top. I’ll check this company out as I’m in need of new workout gear. I love that the company is owned by women. Who better to understand what we need in style and functionality.

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