Sizzle this Summer with Sally Hansen

During the Winter months some of us ladies may feel that we must still maintain a great looking manicure and pedicure. Others may feel it’s Winter and my toes will not be seen until spring and summer, so I couldn’t care less about them right now. Whether you keep your hands and feet looking beautiful year round or take a break during the Winter. You will all agree that having the perfect polish is a must for great nails. This summer you can achieve a manicure and pedicure that sizzles with amazing polishes from Sally Hansen.

I was sent three sets of polish to try out from Sally Hansen. I have been a fan of Sally Hansen since I was a young girl. My first polish that I picked up from the brand was the clear top coat polish. The shine that it gave my nail just lasted for days. I love it now to this day. When I got the opportunity to review for this brand that I have adored for so many year, I was excited!
The first set that I received was the Insta-Dri nail polish in the colors Leapin’ Lilac and Spring Orange. These are amazingly beautiful. I love that they dry in a snap! No more smudged nails.


The next set was from the Pearl Crush line in colors Oy-ster It Up, Lady Crab, and Mer-Mint. These colors are very beautiful. There are little shapes of glitter in the polishes too. They are pretty to wear as a stand alone polish or on top of another polish of your choice.


The last set that I received from Sally Hansen was from the Insta-Ombre line. I really like this glittery polish. I was sent their Grey-diant (black and silver glitter) and Layer On Lilac (purple and silver glitter). I like to wear these on top of another polish for the looks that I want to achieve.

I really liked all of the polishes that were sent to me. I will definitely be heading to my local drugstore to purchase more of these. If you have tried any of the polishes mentioned in this post, please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

xoxo The Review Chic


21 thoughts on “Sizzle this Summer with Sally Hansen

  1. Holly says:

    I will have to try since you say they actually dry instantly. I hate sitting around waiting for my nails to dry. I usually end up getting a knick. Cool colors too.

  2. Ty Knighten says:

    I’m like Kita, I probably have 3 bottles of polish. I just don’t have the time but those Insta-Dry polishes just may change all that!

  3. Nicole M Williams says:

    Nail polish that dry in a snap are a must have. I am always on the go and have no time to sit and wait for polish to dry.

    • thereviewchic says:

      You will love the Insta-Dri polish. That’s what hooked me, the quick drying time. I’m a woman on the go too and I don’t have the time to wait for my polish to dry either. When I would do my nails I would mess them up most of the time because of this. The Insta-Dri polish was a life saver for my nails.

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