Get the Perfect Gel Manicure with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish

How many of you love a beautiful gel manicure from the nail salon? I will proudly raise my hand to that. I absolutely love a good gel manicure and they last for about two weeks. Perfectly awesome right! Well, not so much. Although, I like how long the manicure last, I don’t like what it does to my nails. When I would get my nail done at the shop, they would use the drill to ruff up my nails. Then proceed to do my manicure. My nails came out gorgeous. But, this process left my nail weak and thin. I had to stop going to get my nails done at the nail salon and do them myself.

When I snagged the chance to try the complete gel nail polish from Sally Hansen, I was excited! I could finally get back to the gel manicures that I loved so much with out the harmful drill and UV light. I was sent two polishes in Mintage and Rhapsody Red. These colors are so vibrant. I really liked that they dry fast! Fast drying is a super plus because who has time to sit and wait for nail polish to dry.




                      (Rhapsody Red)

I was also sent their Big Peel Off Base Coat and the Miracle Gel Top Coat. Both the base and top dries in a snap. The top coat delivers brilliant shine to your finished manicure. I am in like with these polishes and I do recommend that you pick them up for yourself. There are many color to choose from with in this particular polish line. I will be picking up more of them for myself as well. You can find them at your local drugstore or supermarket.

Have you tried the Miracle Gel Polish by Sally Hansen? If yes please share your thoughts with me.

xoxo The Review Chic


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