Sizzle in Style with Sealed with a Kiss Designs

As a plus size woman I feel it is important to keep myself looking stylish. At a young age my mother taught me this. So growing up as a plus size child and shopping at the plus specialty stores was a bit of a hunt. This was because cute styles back then were very slim and I did not want to look older when I was only sixteen. As the years went on, the style of plus clothing choices did change a bit. But they still wanted to cover us up and stick big ugly floral print and bold stripes on our outfits. This was a no go for me still.
Now, as an adult I have seen plus size fashion really evolve into what it is now with styles that are more youthful, colorful, and sexy. I love that designers are putting more thought into studying the plus woman’s body and coming up with styles to flatter her figure. One store the I really adore is Sealed with a Kiss designs. They have fabulous styles to choose from. Sexy dresses, flirty tops, right down to figure hugging jeans.

I was very excited when I got the chance to review for this company. I was sent one of their garments to test out and give my thoughts on. The piece that they sent me was their Bridget Maxi Dress. This dress is very comfortable and flows with you as you walk. The ultra-soft, jersey fabric is smooth to the touch on the skin. The deep scoop neckline and straps that connect at back give a nice great detail to the dress as well. If you want to cover up your arms and back, this dress pairs well with a cover up of your choice. You can get this dress in two colors black and blue. I picked the black with tan bold stripe detail at the bottom. The Bridget Maxi Dress is a must have for everyday stylish wear with comfort.

 Check out Sealed with a Kiss Designs for gorgeous, trendy, and timeless plus size fashions here.

Have you tried any styles from SWAK Designs?

xoxo The Review Chic


10 thoughts on “Sizzle in Style with Sealed with a Kiss Designs

  1. tiffani1082 says:

    Those are some great desses! I love the blue one. I’ve seen some really cute plus size fashions in the mall lately, but these dresses are something new and different.

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