Review: Scentbird Perfume Subscription 

Are you a woman or man that enjoys pampering yourself in luscious fragrances? If you said yes, then the monthly subscription that I am about to tell you about is just for you. I love to drape my body in elegant scents and I can do just that with Scentbird. I know you are asking, “What is Scentbird?” Well let me tell you!

Scentbird is a perfume sampling subscription box that sends you 100% authentic perfumes every month. The sign up is easy peasy too! All you do is sign up, then take a preferences quiz to help them suggest recommendations for scents you can try. They even let you go browse and rate the rest of their selection to make the recommendations much more accurate. You can also build a queue of fragrances you’d like to try or you can let yourself be surprised every month.

I was sent a subscription for review in exchange for my honest opinion. Since this subscription is very personalized, the fragrance I selected to review is specific to my own preferences and scent note choices. 

What You Get:

With your first month’s delivery, you receive a perfume case that fits your 8 ml spray, one 8 ml spray atomizer of a 100% authentic perfume, with a card that has details on how to use the product. In addition to the fragrance you receive each month, Scentbird also includes a card describing the “perfume of the month” for the next month, selected by the featured “muses.” (Scentbird Muses are social media celebrities who choose and endorse the Perfumes of the Month.) 

For your first month, you will receive a black purse spray case, that comes with a sample vial inside. I heard that they received feedback from subscribers who wanted the option to order more cases. You guessed it, they listened! You can now add-on extra cases to your delivery for $12.95 and you can also choose between red and black, awesome right! The case has a nice feel to it. It is of high quality and very sleek in appearance. It’s easy to open and close, and to switch perfumes. Just open, pull the vial out, and place the next spray inside! That’s simple at it’s finest. 

The Cost: $14.95/monthly, $14.50/month with a 3-month plan, $14/month with a 6 month plan, or $13.50/month with a year plan.

The fragrance I received to try were Prada Candy and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. I loved both of these sprays. I am a lover of perfume that has sweet notes in them. So the recommendations were right on the money for Scentbird.  

The Verdict: 

 I really love that Scentbird has such a great selection of scents that include top-notch high-end brands that I recognize for me to try! This subscription is perfect for perfume lovers. Men, they did not leave you out! I know some of you like to smell handsomely good as well. They have recently began their men’s subscription for colognes. If you currently have a women’s subscription, you can still add them to that one. I also like that if you do not see a scent you really want, you can email them requests for specific fragrances which is super great. 

I highly recommend that you give Sentbird a try. I’m sure you will be pleased with the quality you receive from them. Be sure to follow them on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


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