Shake Up Your Nails with Nail Buzz by Alex Martin Dean

Hey nail polish lovers! Do you get tired of the same old watered down nail polish that leaves your manicure flat? Well, I have a treat that you can take to your nails straight up with no chaser. The brand I am speaking of is called Nail Buzz. It was created by Alex Martin Dean who is the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg. Nail Buzz is a polish line full of vibrant full-bodied colors that truly pop. What I love the most about this line, is that it is all vegan and the colors are named after drink cocktails, which is super cute. There are six polishes in the line right now. 

The color I picked up from the line is called “Sugar on the Rim”. It’s a delicious sweet purple shade. You all know how I love my purple. This color is highly pigmented and it dries very fast. The polishes are inexpensive too. Shaking up at a refreshing $7.00 each, you can afford to order up two or three of them. 

I just love the packaging for the brand. It’s very fitting and I like the window for the polish as well.

The color really grabs the eye. Your hands will definitely stand out from the rest with these polishes.

I give this polish line 5 stars for affordability and quality. Nail Buzz by Alex Martin Dean is a must have in your polish collection. Be sure to visit the Nail Buzz website to place your order. 

Don’t forget to tune in to Alex’s reality show “According to Alex” on CENTRIC, Saturdays at 10:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm PST. Check with your local listings.

Have tried Nail Buzz by Alex Martin Dean?


5 thoughts on “Shake Up Your Nails with Nail Buzz by Alex Martin Dean

  1. Kimz Wimz says:

    YAASSSSS, #alexmartindean is giving it to us with those rich, vibrant colors and the site is haute couture for nail polish. Great job #trclife

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