ImPRESS Press-on Manicure Perfect for the Woman on the GO!

Ladies, I know a lot of you are busy on the go moms, business women, or both. While I can relate to your mover and a shaker lifestyle, I know that sometimes lyou may want to take time to pamper yourself. Trying to find this time is not always possible when you are trying to close a deal, travel to soccer practices/games, or head out on a plane to scout out office space to expand in a new city. I get it! But know you can have the stylish manicure you want with out waiting in the salon at over half the price.

ImPRESS has super cute manicure sets that you can apply within a few minutes. I absolutely loved the sets that were sent to me to tryout. They were easy to apply and I did not have to worry about smuggling, dings, or drying time! Just pop and go! Yes, I know you like the sound of that, you won’t miss a beat with imPRESS. 

(These are the sets that I was sent, Cute right?) 

They have so many styles to choose from too. If you want the classic French manicure or a stand out look that’s full of sass, imPRESS has what you want. The nails are long lasting also. Visit their website to see all of the styles available. You can find imPRESS press on sets at your local drug store as well. 

Have you tried an imPRESS press on set lately?

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