Achieve Sleek Beautiful Hair with the 6 Sense Flat Iron 

Every now and then I have the itch to straighten my hair. Usually it’s around a special occasion or the holidays. I own so many flat irons already but I could not pass up the chance to put the 6 Sense flat iron to the test. I was just so curious about it because I had never heard of the brand before. I wanted to see if this unknown brand could really hold its own and deliver like my other flat irons. 

When the iron came, it arrived in a very high quality box that was very unique. You all know that I am a sucker for great product packaging. 

The lip of the box is magnetic which I thought was very cool. The box is super sturdy too! 

What You Get

Inside the box you will find your 6 Sense Flat Iron, Mini Flat Iron (the company forgot to include my mini in my box. 😔), and a heat resistant case. Can you say what a great deal! Yes, you get all of that!  The iron is so pretty and offers some great features to it also. 

It heats very quickly – There are LED lights that light up in different colors when it’s heated and ready to use. It heats to temp of 445 degrees. Don’t forget the heat protection spray, you don’t want heat damage on that beautiful hair!

Automatic shut off – Love this! Great if you are a person that may forget to turn off your iron in a rush.

The protective heat resistant case is great if you are somewhere and you do not have the time to let the iron cool down. You can just throw it in the case and go! 

As for the price, it’s not bad at all. For just $115 you can get this bundle. Perfect right! The 6 Sense Flat Iron really does its job. It was superb in giving me the desired straightness that I want to achieve. I really hate that the mini iron was left out, as I really wanted to test it. So on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst, I give this flat iron 4 stars because I was not sent all of the tools/pieces for my review.

If you would like to pick up the 6 Sense Flat Iron, you can purchase it from Amazon. Have you tried the 6 Sense Flat Iron?


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